While in Need of the Best Streaming Service, Download Popcorn Time Apk

Developed “in a couple of weeks” by a group from Buenos, Popcorn Time (after arriving in the infotainment world) became the subject of mainstream media like CNS News and PC Magazine. Not only that, it received a good attention from both users as well as tech gurus. Popcorn Time has been made available for various platforms like Windows, Android, macOS, and Linux. The contributors included 44 languages in the service. This guide talks everything about the process to download Popcorn Time Apk. We all know that it’s not available on official sources therefore going for the Apk version will serve you the best. Also, the Apk file gets regularly updated. Read on and know the steps.

popcorn time latest apk

Download Popcorn Time apk

How will you Download Popcorn Time Apk?

A free software BitTorrent client, Popcorn Time offers a user-friendly interfaced with the inclusion of thumbnails as well as film titles resembling that of Netflix’s. Not just that, Popcorn Time also allows users to rate the movies or other video contents after watching. It even includes all HD movies and television series and offers multiple file formats like MKV, AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, so on and so forth. Now, to download Popcorn Time Apk, you need to get hold of the below-mentioned guide that has been provided in a very simple manner.

STEP 1: As Popcorn Time is not officially available on the Google Play Store, we would suggest you to get hold of an external source other than Play Store in order to download Popcorn Time .apk file on your Android handset.

STEP 2: On your Android smartphone or tablet, visit the ‘Settings’. Then, click on ‘Security’, whereby head towards the ‘Unknown Sources’ option. Then enable it in order to carry forward the installation procedure of Popcorn Time.

STEP 3: Now enter the downloaded .apk file (that is present on your Android device’s homepage). You must click on the install button in order to proceed with the installation process manually.

STEP 4: You will have to wait for a couple of minutes so that the installation procedure gets over.

STEP 5: After which, you can easily find the app on your Android device. Just restart your device and explore Popcorn Time.

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Wrap Up

Out of all the video streaming applications, Popcorn Time happens to be the most popular free streaming service. We hope the aforesaid method was effective enough in offering you the necessary information on Popcorn Time. Now we would ask you to download Popcorn Time Apk and start exploring the service by watching your favorite videos.

Mobdro App for Android is Available with the Simple downloading Process

Mobdro is the perfect solution for those who love to watch movies but want to watch movies too. This app is perfect for both the purpose as it offers a number of movies as well as different channels where you can watch any show through direct streaming and can download too. Imagine, if such an app can be there on your PC, you will need not any of the other apps to serve the different purpose, as this can be your one-stop solution. So without wasting any more time, start with the Mobdro App for Android downloading process.

The Mobdro app is unfortunately available only for Android, and there is no iOS version found so far. But the most annoying thing with Mobdro app for Android is that it is not available on the Google Play store, so there is no other way than to depend on the apk file downloading. It is a simple and safe way to get the app without any issues or paying anything for getting it.

Mobdro apk

How to Download Mobdro App for Android

Downloading, Mobdro App for Android is not difficult at all though some are too skeptical about it. Thus we have offered the simplest way to get the app downloaded on your device to watch movies and shows. So let us get started:

  1. First, go to the ‘Settings’ of the phone and then click on the ‘Security’ section and then enable the ‘Unknown Sources’
  2. Then go to Crome and search for the Mobdro .apk file.
  3. Now download the .apk file.
  4. After the downloading is completed, the app icon will be visible on the phone screen.
  5. Next, open it by clicking on it.
  6. Then the app will ask for the permission of certain uses of your phone, click on the ok option.
  7. Then start installing the app.
  8. Finally, this app will be installed on your device and from now on you will be able to watch movies and different channels with one click.

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Final Words

Mobdro is just perfect for every movie or TV addicts. Now getting all these on the phone serve the ultimate fun and facility. So without wasting any more time just download Mobdro for Android and celebrate entertainment in an absolutely new style. Do take the instruction from the downloading process we have discussed above and didn’t forget to share your experience with us!

TubeMate for PC is The Only Youtube Downloader That You Will Ever Need

There are many commercially available downloaders in the market. Most of them do not require money to use. Why then, one might ask with a sense of legitimacy, must one use the TubeMate for PC app? What’s so special about this app? Well, this app is better than most such apps in the sense that it has a whole host of features which are greatly amplified by the number of people who use it, is better at downloading videos and faster as well, and being rich with tips and tricks which are not present on many apps.

Tubemate for Windows

Download Tubemate for PC

TubeMate for PC and its Great Features

There are many features which are present on the TubeMate for PC app, some of which are very good and bordering on the point of being unique. At first glance, you might believe that this app is not available for free. Well, you would be completely wrong, amigos. Because this app is absolutely free and it is possible to download any content you wish from Youtube (and a host of other sites) using this app.

The speed offered by the app is also numbingly fast. It works by breaking up and dividing the whole file being downloaded into small chunks. This helps to download the chunks one after the other. It is also faster than most Torrents services, which makes it ideal for use on any device of your choosing.

In case you have been wondering, yes, this app has an inbuilt media player which makes it even better as far as the features list is concerned. You will no longer have to rely on any third-party sites to play any media which you like.

TubeMate for PC: How to Use it

Interestingly, the app is not developed to work on the Windows platform. It is an Android app. To make it work on the Windows PC platform, you will need to use an Android emulator, which is a very nifty piece of software used to fool the PC into believing that it is an Android device.

  • For best results, use the Remix Player OS emulator. It is handy and free of cost as well.
  • Download the TubeMate Apk file and then store it on the desktop.
  • Open the Remix Player OS app.
  • Drag and drop the concerned Apk file into the Remix Player’s home screen.
  • Reboot.

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Wrap up

In the end, the TubeMate for PC app is easy to use, and the navigability is good. It is also an excellent choice to compete with any paid app which you might be using. Remember to regularly check for an updated version of the TubeMate app before you start downloading.

The Best Guide is Here to Go for MovieBox Download for iOS Devices

As we all know, this streaming world is huge. And with this, we have got so many streaming applications that have come up in the recent past. Although we cannot deny the fact that the ruler out here is none other than ShowBox, still there are chances where we can highlight one more app in the list. iOS users must know the fact that ShowBox cannot be downloaded on the platform. Therefore there are alternatives which serve best services to the users. MovieBox, being one of the finest alternatives, is an excellent service. The ones who have used it know the benefits that the app offers. Here we aim to talk about the process to go for MovieBox download for iOS devices. Keep reading on.

MovieBox Free Download: Minimum System Requirement

  • Windows 7, 8 or 8.1, 10
  • 4 GB of RAM and 5GB of space in C Drive of the device.
  • 1 GB of up-to-dated Graphics Card.
  • A fast Internet service
MovieBox for iOS 10

Download MovieBox for iOS

MovieBox Free Download: Steps to Download the app on iOS Device

First and foremost, when we install an Android-based app on Windows device, we need to get hold of an Android emulator for that. Similarly, some tricks are necessary to apply the process to download MovieBox for the iOS device. We are going to offer the easiest method to proceed. If you are using the vShare, then it would be helpful for you to proceed further.

Step 1: As discussed above, this is the easiest way to download MovieBox on iOS devices. In case you are not using the vShare then download it.

Step 2: You will see a popup appearing on your screen which will ask you if you would like to “Trust” the developer in order to install the app or not.

Step 3: After the installation is complete, you need to go to the search bar and then look for the desired app.

Step 4: When you find it, just click on the Install button. You can easily get hold of your favorite videos via MovieBox on your iOS device (iPhone or iPad).

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Wrap Up

Thus, this was all about MovieBox download on your iOS device. There are other methods such as by using the Cydia Impactor tool or by setting back the date and time of the iOS device. To know about them, you need to stay glued to us because we will bring more guides on MovieBox for iOS devices.

PlayBox on Kodi: Complete Download and Installation Guide

If you are struggling to choose between many apps which let you watch and download all your favourite movies, music and TV shows, the PlayBox must be an option for you. PlayBox is one of the best in this category of app which enables you to enjoy all sorts of videos which is stored in a very organized manner. This is a full entertainment package for you and your family because it has a huge content of all the latest and old movies, cartoons, TV series and many more. So lets dig into teh details of PlayBox on Kodi.

PlayBox feature: At a glance

  • Everything is Free & Safe: –PlayBox has a massive content of all the videos, TV shows and cartoons and they are absolute free for their users.
  • Download Movies in HD quality: –PlayBox allows its users to download all the video contents in absolute HD quality from their database without any interruption and that too is of free of cost.
  • Daily Update of Content: – PlayBox always update all the contents in its database so that users always get the latest stuffs.
  • Support Kids Mode: – In PlayBox, the Kids Mode feature is also inbuilt so that others stuffs cannot be accessed by kids.
  • Subtitle: – PlayBox also provides subtitle in all language for their video content
  • Other Features: – Also PlayBox got other features like it supports Chromecast, Apple TV and it also has Wifi sharing facility.

PlayBox: Download on Kodi

PlayBox is available for Android Users and Windows users. It can also be downloaded in PC/Laptop and for iOS devices using simple procedures. But installing PlayBox on Kodi is a bit difficult. PlayBox HD Kodi is an add-on which is located at Xunity.

Below are all the steps given which you need to be followed to install PlayBox in Kodi:-

  • Go to Kodi and Select System> File Manager > Add Source >None
  • Here type the exact URL link: http://xunitytalk.me/xfinity and then select Ok
  • Name it as Xfinity and select Ok
  • Go back to Kodi Main menu and Select Add-ons
  • Select Install from zip file and go to Xfinity
  • Select xunitytalk repository zip and if the installation is completed, a message will come saying Xunity Repository Add-on enabled
  • Again Go back to Home screen and select Settings
  • Click on Add-ons
  • Select Install from Repository and search and click PlayBox HD Add-on
  • After some time the PlayBox Add-on enabled notification will appear on the screen and the installation is completed
  • To launch the app, one needs to go to Home screen and then Video Add-ons and the click PlayBox HD Add-ons.

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Final Words

PlayBox on Kodi is a perfect solution for your mundane life. read the article and know the app better for downloading PlayBox on Kodi and share your precious reviews.

Our Best Guide to Opt for the Best Digital Cameras Under $100

Having titled to note the best digital cameras under $100, we have some interesting points to go through. We will not go straight to giving you some product list and finally offering you the verdict for the best of the bests. The thing that we want out of this guide is to make you understand the essentials of buying a digicam and then go for the best one. Why do you need a camera, and that too, a digicam? Remember when you go for the best digital cameras you must be aware of what you actually need. Which brand do you rely upon? Did you know buying a camera does involve to a lot of surveying? Our intention will bring you the 2 best digital cameras under $100 right below.

Best Digital Cameras Under $100: The Top 2 Digital Cameras

With the booming universe of photography, people have managed to switch over from daily monotonous activities to shooting surreal pictures. While it is no secret that we all want to take surreal and beautiful images, the mode is limited. Those DSLRs are pretty much high-priced for many in the queue. Here we have presented two best ones. Check it out yourself.

Top Digital Cameras

Best Digital Cameras Under $100

Nikon Coolpix S33- Although design wise this Nikon’s best digital camera under $100 features a toy like look, it is basically designed for kids who carelessly shoot using expensive smartphones. The Nikon Coolpix S33 comes with 13.2 MP CMOS sensor alongside 3x Wide-angle Nikkor Zoom Lens. There are two color variants available for users- Blue and White. One can get two shutter buttons if they go for this particular digicam under 100 dollars. While one button flawlessly takes pictures, the other is for the purpose of video recording.

Canon Powershot Elph 160- The Canon Powershot Elph 160 is designed by the much talked-about Nikon’s rival- the Canon. This photography giant has efficiently adopted a healthy competition with the aforementioned brand. That is undoubtedly known to every photography enthusiasts. But when it comes to the Powershot Elph 160, Canon gives it off thus ruling the world of best digital cameras under $100. One of the main highlights of this particular digicam is that it features a 20 MP lens combined with the in-house DIGIC 4+ Image Processor, thus allowing shooting 720p HD Videos at 30fps.

The Final Verdict

As discussed here, we have seen how Canon bangs it and wins over Nikon in terms of best digital cameras under $100. But hold your horses, as Nikon is the ultimate solution for photographers who desire to opt for this photography field as a mode of profession. And if you are one of them (the would-be professional photographer), then Nikon might be the answer for you.

Forza Horizon 4 Could Be The Next Best Thing In Racing

The Forza series by Microsoft is synonymous with the best in racing, and its spin-off, the Forza Horizon games, have maintained the same reputation. Forza Horizon 3, developed by Playground Games, has made sure that fans were left hungry for more with its array of cars and terrains. In that light, it is only natural to think that Forza Horizon 4 will be bigger and better.

Forza Horizon 4: What is the game all about?

the game all aboutFollowing the traditions of the Forza Horizon series, the next game should be called Forza Horizon 4, and like its predecessor, it will let gamers drive the ride of their choice across a whole range of terrains. The last game in the series, Forza Horizon 3, took its players to Australia- a setting that boasts of some of the most exciting territories in the world. Even before the game had surfaced, we knew that it would have us exploring sandy deserts and driving through winding brooks. In keeping with that, it was only suitable that the last game had included several types of ATVs alongside the fancier rides.

Forza Horizon 4 game

Forza Horizon 4 game

One of the biggest changes that were brought into Forza Horizon 3 was the role of the player in the Horizon festival. Unlike the previous two games, the player was put in the shoes of the manager of the prestigious Horizon Festival and made to be in charge of almost everything. Its high energy races and the adrenaline pumping pace made it one of the most well-received titles of 2016. So it is only natural that every fan is looking at the next game to do the next-to-impossible: beat Forza Horizon 3 at its own game.

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When is Forza Horizon 4 coming out?

It is time for us to concede that Forza Horizon 4 has not yet been reported to have gone into production. So honestly, it is still a bit of a mystery as to when it is coming out. However, considering how wildly successful the last game had been and how much money it made its creators, there is little reason for anyone to suspect that Microsoft will pull the plug on it anytime soon.

So yes, we believe it is reasonable to speculate that Forza Horizon 4 release date, although not confirmed, is simply a matter of “When?” And to consider the past releases, we believe the new game might surface sometime in 2018 or 2019, at the latest.

Wrap Up

Although the new game is yet to be made official by Microsoft, we can practically feel it on the way. We hope we get to hear something about it at E3 2018 and see brand new locations such as Japan or Germany. Where do you want to see Forza Horizon 4 located?

Top You TV Player Alternatives That You May Use on Your Smartphones

You TV Player app is most needed to them who love to be updated with the latest videos, trailers, teasers, and movies. This app is perfect for all the Android users. But, if you are bored with it, and if you are thinking of trying something new and better, then there are some of the best You TV player alternatives that can be helpful to you. Take a good look at the list.


iTube is for people who use You TV Player for mostly music. The interface loads YouTube playlists well, and it turns out to be a You TV Player music player, with videos as a subordinate feature. There is also a choice to load lyrics while the video is playing in the background. Though, we find this feature bit lower than expectation, as it doesn’t work every time, but it indeed is a good feature to have.


Microsoft’s Windows Phone doesn’t have an official app, but there are a ton of alternative You TV Player apps available. Tubecast is another cool app, offering the usual viewing experience and YouTube account functionality. But it also presents some crazy features, such as offline downloads, and audio under lock screen. Check out Tubecast on the Microsoft Store, being available on PC too.

Best You TV Player alternatives

Best You TV Player alternatives


TVPlayer is a live TV streaming service to watch free-to-air channels through their desktop, smartphones, and tablets. The live TV service allows the t.v. license holders in the United Kingdom get to stream 60 free live television channels, like BBC, ITV, Heart TV, Channel 4, Channel 5,  Capital TV and The Box. TVPlayer offers a “TVPlayer Plus” that has a ‘cancel anytime’ monthly basis subscription service which allows consumers access to an additional 25 live streaming television channels, including Gold, Cartoon Network, Discovery Channel, Eurosport 1, Eurosport 2 etc. TVPlayer Plus also enables users to catch up on the program from the Plus channel line-up.

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Floating Tube

Another notable third-party You TV Player app on Android, Floating Tube takes the concept of floating video players to a level beyond that of the stock app. Much like the prior entry, the UI and presentation largely feel like a mobile website. But play a video, and you are granted with a pop-out window, letting you resize the window, drag it around and fold it back into the app. In other words, if you want to text your friends on WhatsApp while watching fail videos, this app is for you. Check it out on the Play Store.

Final Words

The list can be dragged to a lengthier one. But we preferred to keep it short and yet used to make it easy for you to get the Top You TV Player alternative. Choose one of them and start experiencing your entertainment in a completely new way!


Cinema Box App Features: Here are the Reasons Why You Should Download the App

Entertainment apps are just plenty in numbers often to confuse you what to choose and what not to. The dilemma is real. But before you choose any of them you need to know whether they are fulfilling your demands and if yes, whether it is more convenient than the other. Here in this article, we have chosen Cinema Box, a well known and one of the most downloaded apps for entertainment to see if it can justify your demands. So here we are presenting the features of Cinema Box App.

Features of Cinema Box App

Cinema Box app comes with a large database that includes all the recent and classic movies and TV series. The application helps the users with a huge diversity of the available contents. Cinema Box offers movies or TV shows of different variety and genres.

Cinema Box is an absolutely free app. That means the user doesn’t have to pay a single penny to sign up on the application or to watch the available contents. There is no hidden cost too.

All the movies and series available in here are of HD quality. But that is not all. You will receive all the TV shows and movies here in different formats like MP4, MKV, WMV, MOV, AVI, FLV, etc.

Features of Cinema Box app

Cinema Box app features

This app has a very simple and user-friendly interface so that you don’t face trouble while navigate through the app and search for your favorite content.

All the movies and TV shows are classified into different categories like Popular, Top Rated, New Release and Coming Soon. Moreover, here the users can search the desired contents by Name, Date, and Ratings.

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Cinema Box also offers its users a detailed information about all the contents available, so that the viewers will get a clear insight about it.

All the movies and TV shows come with subtitles of various languages to choose from.

The Kids Mode is available in this app to restrict your children from viewing specific contents.

Cinema Box supports both the Google Chromecast and Apple TV.  The application offers its users better streaming experience and less buffering.

Here in this app, the users can rate as well as can comment so that other viewers can be benefitted and get an idea about that particular movie or series.


Hope this article will give you ample hints of the great Cinema Box app features. Don’t forget to share your reviews and experience with this app.

A Complete Guide to Freedom Apk download for Android

Online browsing has become an everyday practice, for users in today’s jet age. But while doing so, we may come across various annoying and pesky advertisements. It might bring us a lot of distraction, and in conclusion, nothing meaningful is carried forward. But there’s a solution, and that is the Freedom app. By opting for the process of Freedom apk download, users will be beneficial to its host of premium features offered. Defining the Freedom app, it’s not just a tool for Android users but also a hacking app by which you can step into the next level in a game. The app helps users to get unlimited gold and coins in order to modify the game and keep the total control of the game or app in users’ hands.

Freedom Apk Download: How to Install the App for Android Devices

With the revolution of smartphones, the applications installed in the high-end device are getting updated with best possibilities, so as the smartphones itself. The days are gone when mobile users spent their leisure time playing the Snake Xenzia or the Space Impact. Following the discovery of high-end smartphones, multiple games were introduced, thereby attempting to increase the advancement of technology. With the Freedom Apk download on Android devices, users will not only be beneficial, but the app will also be a bliss to be installed on the Android smartphone. Mentioned below are the steps to download Freedom app for Android handsets.

Download Freedom apk

Freedom apk download

STEP 1: Visit the “Settings” option and then enter the “Security” option on your Android smartphone. Then, find the “Unknown Sources” option and check it to enable, which will allow your smartphone to install files from the third-party sources without any problem.

STEP 2: Then Download the Freedom APK on your Android device. As soon as the download gets to complete, the app should show up in your menu or on your home screen.

STEP 3: Then you need to open the Freedom App and install it manually on to the Android handset after granting all the access.

STEP 4: After the installation of Freedom App gets completed on your smartphone, it will automatically take you to a page in order to show you a listing of all the apps that are installed on your Android device or tablet that requires in-app purchases.

STEP 5: You need to choose the app or apps that you want to make upgrades for free.

STEP 6: Now you require entering the selected app and then click on the things that you want to purchase absolutely for free. That’s all, as the app will now take care of the rest of things.

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Final Words

The majority of Android users have got their hands on the Freedom app, and they are convinced with the app’s job. Freedom Apk download for Android device works flawlessly and is beneficial for users in their day-to-day lives.


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