Wooden Pizza Peel Benefits and Limitations




In my opinion, if I have to choose a peel, then my first choice will be the wooden pizza peel. There are a lot of people with different choices but I like things that add value to my kitchen. The wooden pizza peel is traditionally used. Wood is always considered to nonreactive hence I feel buying a wooden peel comes in the beneficiary side. While researching I have found that most pizzerias and home chefs prefer wooden pizza peel. On further research, I did found out that aluminum can be better but can also hazardous. Aluminum is also a conductor of heat; it means while placing the pizza in the preheated oven there are chances of getting burnt; however, this can be avoided if wearing gloves in addition to it aluminum can also react with tomato juice as they are acidic. So, if you trust my opinion choose a wooden pizza peel. In our article, we can discuss the benefits and limitations of the wooden pizza peel.


Wooden Pizza Peel Benefits:

We all love decorating our house, having a neat and clean kitchen is always been my priority. The wooden pizza peel is rustic looking; this adds a lot of value to the kitchen when your family and friends show up.

Our love for pizza is not hidden; coming from the west we eat pizza almost month. But a home-baked pizza has a different charm than the soggy pizza we get from outlets, with the help of wooden pizza peel I can bake my pizza and gained lots of admiration by family and friends.

The wooden pizza paddle can absorb oil very well leaving the pizza grease-free.

Since wood is an insulator of heat, it will keep your hands from being burnt. However, I will recommend you wearing gloves. The long handles are easy to hold until providing you a better grip.

You don’t spend extra money on buying the pizza screen, as you directly lay your pizza on the paddle.


Wooden Pizza Peel Limitations:

Heaviness and thickness of wooden pizza peel can take a lot of your energy, especially when you are a professional oven man or oven women.

Wooden pizza peels can empty your pocket; yes, you heard me, they are expensive than metal peel yet long-lasting too.

The wooden pizza peel can be a pain; trying to keep them clean or removing the stain, they take time to air dry.

The wooden pizza peel needs lot maintenance. Wood can burn under high heat under the over, leaving burn marks on the peel.




A wooden pizza peel does have some problems however it’s still a great kitchen utensil to have in your house.

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