Why does my soup maker burn on the bottom?

A soup maker is a best machine for any desire to have soup. Most of us even if we want to have soup don’t make it because of the task that it requires. We often neglect the soups in our life. But they are very important for our health and helps us to improve our health and immunity.

Soup makers can help cook all the types of soup with very easy method and helps you to cook the soup without any difficulty in it. It also gives you the best results at minimal of efforts. It comes with many benefits. But there are also few concerns and common issues that have come up with the soup maker. We’ll discuss that here in our series.

Why soup maker burns on the bottom

The major issues coming with the soup makers is that the soup gets burned at the bottom. Soup maker burning at the bottom is generally seen by many people and that is something that may sometimes make the soup taste bad. But that also happens in the traditional cooking method too. There are a few reasons for it too and that is what we will look for today.

The major reasons for burning of soup maker at the bottom are:

  • Cooking of the soup at high heat

Soup makers have different power settings. Some of the soup makers have high power settings while some have low and average one. it is advised that you should always cook the soup at the medium heat as that will allow you the best taste. Cooking the soup at high temperature makes the soup maker bottom burn. Lower the heat settings in the soup maker for not burning the bottom.

  • Not stirring constantly at the soup

We all know that during soup making we need to stir the soup little by little once in a while. This way the soup does not stick to the bottom and will give you the best soup. It will also give you the best taste. What happens in soup making is that the main heavy ingredients go to the bottom and that sticks to the soup maker bottom. A little by little stirring will give you the right soup without burning it at all.

  • Adding the solid ingredients rather than others first

What we do most of the time is that we add the solid ingredients at the first and then we happen to burn the soup maker bottom. Some soup contents like foods have high sugar and they stick to the bottom. They also have starch in them and that also sticks to the bottom. This way the soup maker bottom gets burned. Always add a cup of water before adding any ingredients that way the soup maker won’t burn and you will have tasty soup.

best Soup makers normally burns at the bottom because of these reasons we mentioned above. If you can take care of these things, then you can have a tasty soup without thinking of the burned bottom anymore.

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