Uses and features of machete

In everyday life, a machete is a useful tool that is part of daily life. The versatility of machetes makes this tool even more useful as it can be used as a knife and an axe. The sleek blade is used to cut, and the upper blade is heavy and perfect for chopping items. If you are planning to purchase the best machete tool, then this article will help you. Here you can find different uses of machete and features you can consider before buying the best machete.

Outdoor uses of machete

  • Cutting trails

Machete is very useful to cut and maintain the trails. Many around the world use this tool to clear paths and to blaze new trails. Mostly, many fishermen have found that machete is very useful to clear paths for fish holes. The popularity of this great tool is increasing every day and making these tasks easier.

  • Chopping

The unique use of the machete is that they are used for clearing brush. However, along with that, you can chop compost with the help of a great machete tool.

  • Agricultural purposes

There are several types of machete blades available in the market. Mainly, a sickle style machete is used to harvest crops such as cane, rice, corn, millet, barley, and oats. Moreover, if you have a house garden, then the machete can be a great tool to remove or harvest crops.

  • Carving

If wood carving is one of your hobbies, then intricate carving or wood incising work can be done with it. Further, it can also be used to plant or chop the tree in your area.

  • Campsite, survival, and hunting

A machete is a great survival tool for outdoor enthusiasts. From cutting wood for the fire to protecting yourself in camp, everything is possible with a machete.

Features to consider


The blade type or shape is a significant feature when purchasing a machete. The popular machetes are Latin machete, bolo, cane, parang, billhooks, and kukri machete. Depending upon your outdoor adventure, you can select an appropriate machete.


The blade length of machete ranges from 10 to 28 inches. The small size machetes are portable but are not sturdy. However, a large size machete may be heavy but is used for versatile purposes and is also very durable.


Machete is available in two common materials that are carbon steel and stainless steel. Carbon steel is the most recommended material due to its quality and durability.


The machete handle determines the grip. Therefore, choose a machete with a grip handle that provides you great convenience to use.

By thinking about machete uses and features, you can choose the best machete.

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