Treadmill Vs. Rowing Machine – Which is Better

There are different shapes and sizes of cardio equipment available in the market. You must have heard some of them like rowers, exercise bikes, treadmills, and cross-trainers. According to your preference, you can use a single piece of equipment or a combination to get the best results. The only thing that you need to be mindful is that this equipment should get used in the right way. Though the exercises are done on these machines overlap, that is not the case with a treadmill and the rowing machine.

Among the 2, to say which one is the best depends on your needs and preferences. Both of them are great tools to reach your fitness goals. If you are confused and looking for help to find out what’s best for you, this article will help you.


From weight loss to toning of the body, you must have surely heard about how treadmill helps. But now let’s focus on the things that makes the treadmill for running unique and different from the rowing machine.

Focus on legsĀ Running on a treadmill mainly focuses your legs. Because of this, you are building a lot of muscle in the lower body. Your hamstrings, quads, calves, and glues get strengthened because of this workout.

Variable incline

Generally, treadmills come with an incline feature to help you focus on power as well. You can burn a lot of calories, or you can build the calves with sprinting. Using a treadmill, you can do both LISS and HIIT type of exercises. It is great because if you don’t change your training from time to time, it can get boring.

Rowing machine

By now, you must be thinking that the treadmill is the winner in the battle. But wait till what a rowing machine has to offer you. In its way, the rowing machine also has many benefits.

Full body workout

If you want a calorie burner with muscle building ability, look no more. That’s what the rowing machine is capable of doing. It is a great tool for toning up. Using this machine, you get a back, biceps, and legs workout. Either you can use it to diversify your back exercises or as part of your cardio training.

Resistance variation

If you want to change your workout from light to a harder type, this machine will help you. The rowing machines come with variable resistance, so you change how tough it should be. This can seriously push your larger muscles like rear delts, lats, and biceps to its limit.

Workout using this machine can even help with back pain which has become a common issue for many.

The bottom line

As you can see, both the treadmill and rowing machine are cardio titans. Both of them are great tools known for their huge array of benefits. Both have their unique set of advantages which other machines cannot give you. So in the end, it’s all about your preferences.

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