Tips to Maintain Your Designer Lehenga Choli

Lehenga Choli is an integral part of traditional Indian clothing. Today, these are not restricted to brick and mortar shops but you can even find these Indian dresses online. Lehenga Choli is one such Indian Ethnic Wear which will add a lot of charisma to your occasion. However, it is very important to store it carefully after use so as to ensure that this piece of Indian traditional clothing retains its shape.

Tips to Maintain Your Designer Lehenga Choli

  • Maintaining the Fabric – Maintenance of the fabric is really important and this is one such thing that you really need to take care of. Store the Lehenga choli carefully and you need to ensure that the Lehenga Choli is not getting wrinkled. You also need to take care while cleaning the fabric. Always try to get the lehenga choli dry cleaned as this will ensure that the color doesn’t fade away. In addition to this, you also need to get the fabric steam ironed instead of the regular iron. Storage of Lehenga choli is very important as folding it can lead to tearing in the fabric. We always recommend you to hang the lehenga choli
  • Taking Care of Embroideries – Embroideries are an integral part of Indian fashion and these can be really heavy in case of Lehenga Choli. If you plan to wash the Lehenga Choli in the machine then that’s a strict no. You will end up destroying this elegant Lehenga Choli. As mentioned earlier, it is best to go for a dry clean and while storing, we recommend you to wrap the embroideries in a tissue paper or in a soft muslin cloth so that the work doesn’t get tangled with each other. You can also use naphthalene balls while storing the Lehenga so that the insects stay away from Lehenga Choli. Another thing to take care of is that you need to store the Lehenga Choli in a dry place. Moisture in any form can cause a lot of trouble for you.
  • Taking Care of Stone Work – Today, Lehenga Cholis have a lot of stonework as well. The fact is that these stones are pasted to the fabric using the fabric glue. If you wish to use Lehenga for a long time then you also need to ensure that you do not use an iron at a very high temperature on your lehenga choli. This can loosen up the glue and the stones may start falling apart. If you notice any stone that is missing, we advise you to replace it with another stone and you can use fabric glue to paste it back.

These are three simple tips that you need to take care of so as to ensure the life of your designer lehenga choli is extended. This way you will be able to use this Indian traditional clothing on multiple occasions. No matter whether you purchase your Indian clothes online or offline, follow these tips to maintain your Indian clothing and you won’t face any trouble in the maintenance of Lehenga Choli.

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