Top You TV Player Alternatives That You May Use on Your Smartphones

You TV Player app is most needed to them who love to be updated with the latest videos, trailers, teasers, and movies. This app is perfect for all the Android users. But, if you are bored with it, and if you are thinking of trying something new and better, then there are some of the best You TV player alternatives that can be helpful to you. Take a good look at the list.


iTube is for people who use You TV Player for mostly music. The interface loads YouTube playlists well, and it turns out to be a You TV Player music player, with videos as a subordinate feature. There is also a choice to load lyrics while the video is playing in the background. Though, we find this feature bit lower than expectation, as it doesn’t work every time, but it indeed is a good feature to have.


Microsoft’s Windows Phone doesn’t have an official app, but there are a ton of alternative You TV Player apps available. Tubecast is another cool app, offering the usual viewing experience and YouTube account functionality. But it also presents some crazy features, such as offline downloads, and audio under lock screen. Check out Tubecast on the Microsoft Store, being available on PC too.

Best You TV Player alternatives

Best You TV Player alternatives


TVPlayer is a live TV streaming service to watch free-to-air channels through their desktop, smartphones, and tablets. The live TV service allows the t.v. license holders in the United Kingdom get to stream 60 free live television channels, like BBC, ITV, Heart TV, Channel 4, Channel 5,  Capital TV and The Box. TVPlayer offers a “TVPlayer Plus” that has a ‘cancel anytime’ monthly basis subscription service which allows consumers access to an additional 25 live streaming television channels, including Gold, Cartoon Network, Discovery Channel, Eurosport 1, Eurosport 2 etc. TVPlayer Plus also enables users to catch up on the program from the Plus channel line-up.

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Floating Tube

Another notable third-party You TV Player app on Android, Floating Tube takes the concept of floating video players to a level beyond that of the stock app. Much like the prior entry, the UI and presentation largely feel like a mobile website. But play a video, and you are granted with a pop-out window, letting you resize the window, drag it around and fold it back into the app. In other words, if you want to text your friends on WhatsApp while watching fail videos, this app is for you. Check it out on the Play Store.

Final Words

The list can be dragged to a lengthier one. But we preferred to keep it short and yet used to make it easy for you to get the Top You TV Player alternative. Choose one of them and start experiencing your entertainment in a completely new way!


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