LG V30 Vs LG V20: The Successor to Roll Out with an OLED Display

It seems the South Korean tech conglomerate LG, has got special plans for their lineup device in 2017. As per reports, LG V30 been nailed on to release after a couple of days. LG V20, the 2016 flagship smartphone of LG, sported the secondary displays, appropriately one of the major highlights of the device. Concerning LG V30 vs LG V20, there are hosts of new features that are going to get updated with LG V30, as per the rumor mill.

LG V30 features

LG V30 Vs LG V20: Compare the Specifications Mentioned Below

Indeed, when a successor is being unveiled, various specifications get updated, while a variety of features maintain its consistency of being identical to its predecessor.

  • While we are concerned with LG V30 vs LG V20, several reports have come across. As per display, LG V20 rolled out with an LCD size of 5.7-inch, boosting the Quad HD 1440×2560 resolution. On the contrary, its successor, LG V30 is going to come in with an OLED display. Instead of the secondary display, the beast is expected to sport the OLED panel.
  • As per the delightful optical features, LG V20 featured the camera of the G5, with a primary camera of the dual16-megapixel and 8-megapixel camera on the rear panel alongside a selfie shooter of 5 MP. The successor is anticipated to feature a dual 13-megapixel rear camera alongside an updated front camera of 8 MP.
  • LG V20 featured a powerful battery backup of 3200 mAh. So as per envisions, we speculate the device to be powered by 3500 mAh battery, alongside Qualcomm’s Quickcharge 4.0 technology.
  • With LG V30 vs LG V20 memory, the predecessor was unveiled with an internal storage of 64 GB alongside a RAM of 4 GB. With plausible reports, under the hood, its successor will be packed up with a RAM of 6GB and 32 GB internal memory for one variant. While on the other hand, another variant will be coupled with 8GB of RAM along with an internal storage of 64 GB.

The Wrapping Up

As per availability, the beast is going to hit the market shelves in a couple of months. However, if we consider the comparison of LG V30 vs LG V20 devices, then the prior one was announced in September 2016. When we are concerned with LG V30 Release date, it is likable to speculate the beast to roll out by the end of August. As per reports, the flagship smartphone is expected to be announced in the month of August.

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