How to don on a Gatsby Headpiece to enhance the overall look

A Great Gatsby dress is not complete without a Gatsby Headpiece. This adds to the 1920s sensibility. Different Headpieces included are head wraps, headbands or barrettes. A Headpiece adds in a stunning look to your overall wear and beauty to your face.

Headbands have transited to several forms and shapes with some embellishments added in. A crocheted or beaded close-fitted skull cap or a band with a feather or two provides an authentic look of the 1920s. A headpiece is made of some craft supplies, a fitting band that is embellished with beads, feathers, jewels, sequins, and laces to make it look dramatic and fanciful.

You have your Gatsby-inspired Headpiece, but you need to make sure it is not overcrowding on your head or owning you. Rather it should accessorize and captivate the overall look. So to get that satisfying outcome, some tips have to be followed to get a glamorous look.

Here are some factors to be kept in mind when donning a headpiece:

  • To begin with, it is recommended not to pair the headpiece with a flapper dress with fringes and a drop waist. A headpiece is a statement piece.
  • Remember, a headpiece has to go well with the dress but not to get entangled in the hair or make you uncomfortable wearing it.
  • Do not redesign or go overboard with the overall look, to keep the headpiece to fit in the regular hairdo. Consider your headpieces as a piece of ordinary jewelry or a hair accessory. Keep your hair natural and be relaxed with it. Pushing bangs, rearranging the hair in excess should be avoided. Just add in on the top.
  • A headpiece is an added beauty element to enhance your style statement and beauty. The headpiece chosen should have embellishments that add to the look and not too excess and overflowing.
  • A low and a sweet barrette on either side of the hair can also be done if one is uncomfortable wearing a big headband.
  • A headpiece should not be covering your forehead and falling on your eyebrows or eyes, but lining it conveniently.
  • Do not focus on the age factor when wearing a headpiece, as confidence matters. Go for it and wear it for the pleasure of wearing it and live the moment.
  • To ensure a relaxed and calm look, the size of the headpiece selected should also be appropriately fitting. Get a proportion sense by trying a couple of times. Bigger hair needs a bigger headpiece.

Some recommended hairstyles for women that depict 1920’s are:

  • Finger waves- Hallmark style with curls.
  • Faux Bob- Long hair girls enjoy this hairstyle with a neat finger wave.

The 1920s were times of excitement in fashion. The designers of those times introduced new styles. Some dramatic accessories were added in, and Gatsby’s headpiece soon turned out to be a signature piece. It complemented bob and short hair that women were maintained in those times. It is great to don on a retro or a Gatsby-inspired event.

A simple guide to buying the best wireless doorbell

The doorbell is one of the significant components of any home. A doorbell indicates the coming of visitors so that we are prepared to receive them properly. Doorbells have been in existence for a long time, with no major changes. But recent innovation of wireless doorbells is notable.

A wireless doorbell is a better version of regular ones. A wireless doorbell is not connected to wires that run all over your house. Instead, a wireless doorbell works on the radio signal, making it convenient to use.

A wireless doorbell is effective and advantageous. Read through the article to know more about the best wireless doorbell and features to look for when buying it.

What is the best wireless doorbell?

Wireless doorbells may be of recent origin, but this doesn’t mean the choice of wireless doorbells is limited. The market offers plenty of wireless doorbells with different features. With this many choices, it is confusing and difficult to pick a doorbell that suits your needs.

There are a number of features to consider when buying the best wireless doorbell, such as quality, budget, and technology. Here we have shared 5 significant things to look for in a wireless doorbell.

  1. 1. Range of operation: The first important thing to consider when buying the best wireless doorbell is its operating range. Usually, a wireless doorbell has an operating range of 150 feet and keeps increasing with different models. The size of the house should be proportionate to the operating range of the doorbell. For a bigger house, you need a doorbell with a larger range of operation.
  2. 2. Technology: The basic working technology of the wireless doorbell is simple. Most of the wireless doorbells use radio waves for sending out the signal. But some doorbells run on WIFI and mobile compatible. Decide what type of doorbell and supporting technology you need before buying. Smart video doorbells are currently ruling the market.
  3. Chimes: The sound that a doorbell makes is known as chimes. Wireless doorbell differs in chimes; one can explore the sounds of a doorbell and consider one that they are fine with listening. Also, the best wireless doorbell is one that allows you to control the volume of the sound.
  4. Installation: The best wireless doorbell comes with easy installation; this can be free-standing, screwing into a wall, or double-sided tape of sticking.
  5. Design of the doorbell: The last important thing for the best wireless doorbell is its design. The doorbell design that you pick should blend with the décor of your home. Choose a color and pattern that suits your home style and complements it.

Bottom Line:

Wireless doorbells are simple and effective pieces of innovation. But before you choose a model, do extensive research. Understand the working and features of a wireless doorbell. Read the reviews of various wireless doorbell models available out there before picking one that suits your needs. Finally, remember the points discussed in the article to make an informed decision.

Are you looking forward to apply for AP Exam

Advanced Placement (AP) is a program in the United States, and Canada, recognized by the college board and allows the students to take up courses at the high school level. Are you looking for a way to be a step ahead in the competition in colleges, universities, and workplaces? You can accomplish your goals with the help of AP classes. When you take up AP courses, you get the AP Books that are designed to give an added advantage. If you are a student with prodigy, the best AP books enhance their capacity to solve the college tackle the college-level task, while they are still in high-school. This gives a chance to the students to earn college credit for the class, on passing the AP exams and placement. AP Book is written for various subjects right from K-12/College level to professional courses. The students get in-depth information on each subject to students who want more than what they are studying in schools or colleges.

What are the subjects available in AP Book?

The AP books are available in various subjects. The student can choose any subject of their choice.

Pros and Cons of AP

Passing the AP test is very much rewarding. However, on the other side of the token, not all of them get through these exams. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of AP classes.

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  • Boosts your college applications – AP Classes is one of the greatest ways to challenge yourself in the academic front and create a good impression at your college about your education. AP classes give more weight to your credentials on scoring 80-90% in advanced courses.
  • Helps you to earn college credit – A college credit enables you to complete your graduation within a short time and saves your money. The AP classes can still help from a career perspective even if you don’t earn credit for your AP scores.
  • Scope for scholarships and grants – The impressive test scores, top rankings, and high grades in AP classes can fetch you more opportunities, grants, and scholarships at high schools, during the junior year.


  • High costs and increase in stress – Though the study materials in AP class is free, it involves money when you have to give evidence of their understanding. You have to make the payment of $94 as exam fees for AP classes in the USA and $124 other than the USA and Canada. When you take up multiple AP classes, it adds up to your cost and stress of clearing these tests.
  • Challenging course – When the teens decide to pursue the AP classes, they need to complete the task within the deadline, which is more intense. The teenagers would need some help to fix the schedule to balance studies, work, and other activities. Not everyone can get through the AP test, which can stretch their course.

The AP classes in certain subjects are easy and some of them are tough. When you take up a tough subject like calculus, prior knowledge will help.


AP Courses can guide you to a rewarding and lucrative career. The AP exams can be easy or tough, depending on what you take and how much effort you put to clear the exams.

Do you know importance of Noise cancelling curtains

Soundproofing the room will become necessary if you live in a noisy area. Looking for ways to soundproof your home? One of the best ways to soundproof your home is by fitting the noise cancelling curtains that are available easily. But do they work to cancel the noise that comes through the window? Let’s see how it works.

The benefits of the curtains 

Many experts believe that soundproofing curtains are effective in preventing the noise from entering the house. It is the best way to reduce the echo in a room. Although the noise cancelling curtains will not reduce the decibel level sounds from entering the room it will certainly make the room quieter blocking the sounds. The top rated noise cancelling curtains are proven to be effective in several cases blocking the annoying sounds from entering the room so it will provide a peaceful atmosphere in that room.

The curtain does not quieten the source of the sound but on the other hand, it makes the sound die more quickly without allowing the echo within the room. This will make the room seem more pleasant and peaceful.

These kinds of curtains are suitable for homes with infants and elderly people who may get affected by the noises outside. People who are sensitive to noise can also use the curtains to enjoy pleasanter rooms.

How do the curtains work? 

The noise cancelling curtains muffles the noise outside. The curtains are created with thick and heavy material to block the sounds. Although not making the room completely silent it does have the ability to lessen the effect of the noise. The noise cancelling curtains have a porous surface that absorbs sound waves that will make the room stay quiet and calm. However, with these types of noise cancelling curtains, you can get the benefits like thermal insulation, easy installation process, light-blocking and noise reduction.

Choose the best noise-cancelling curtains for your home 

Today many curtains are available in the market with features like soundproof quality but actually, it does not. If you want to find the best noise-cancelling curtain, check whether they have all these features in it.

  • Purchase the four panels for each of the windows instead of two. To make it more effective there has to be more density. You can put it in-between the room and the window.
  • Purchase the curtains with the right size. The best are the curtains that go from ceiling to the floor.
  • You can buy the ceiling mount brackets instead of the ordinary wall brackets. This will make the curtain closer to the ceiling and will be able to block sound more.

These are some of the advantages of using noise cancelling curtains. Install these types of curtains in your home and soundproof it. Have the tranquil home you desire with noise cancelling curtains that work.

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Best Shower Heads-Types and its functionality

If you are looking to update your shower head, it is essential to know the different types of Shower Heads that will suit your liking and needs along with your bathroom interiors and decor. Once you learn the different Shower Head types and their advantages and disadvantages, you can assess which is the Best Showerhead for your bathroom. The best part is the primary types of shower heads that we shall be discussing here are easy to upgrade in minimal time on your own.

Fixed or Wall Mount Shower Heads

A wall-mount or a fixed shower head is what is most generally used by most of the people in their homes. This is a small-sized with no-frills. Their diameters are 5″ or lesser. For general use and with no whistles and bells and for consistent solid pressure, this is the one to go for.

For a little fancier one, get a fixed shower head with multiple functions. This option permits you to alter spray settings from concentrated spray to wide spray that is a little gentle on the body.

Rain Shower Head -Waterfall and Rainfall showerheads

Rain Shower Head is a fixed kind of showerheads but quite large sized. They range from 6“ and over. This raises the area of coverage. This means that the water spray is wider and gives you a much warmer sense when in shower.

Ceiling or Wall mounting Rain shower head

Wall mounts are easy to install and quick to install but a ceiling mount will need help from a plumber. You may have to take the help of the contractor as well to run the required pipes through the ceiling to link up the shower. This is only when the work is not done.

But for those who cannot get the plumbing done, a solid solution is there. You can use an overhead shower arm which is extendable from the wall between 12-16 inches. You can even elevate the shower head’s height as well.

Single vs Multi-function

If the mount is from the ceiling then the single function is best as it becomes hard to alter the settings again and again. If the mount is a wall mount then multi-function or single function can be taken according to your choice. There are different sprays concentrated on gentle rainfall sprays.

Weaker Pressure with Larger diameter

2.5 GPM-Gallon per minute is the restriction of water output generally. For ecotypes, it can be low, up to 1.5 GPM. So smaller diameter can give you more pressure with the same water output as compared to a larger diameter one. Relax under larger water drops.

Hand Held Shower Heads

These are the most used and popular ones. They are easy to replace and have multi-functions.

Handheld Showerheads are best for:

  • Cleaning the shower
  • Washing kids
  • Bathing pets
  • Assisted showering
  • Showering while being seated

Dual Shower Heads

There is an additional feature that blends both standard fixed and handheld showerhead to provide a dual shower head.

Filtered Shower Heads

These filtered water and minimize chlorine, hardness and scaling in it. This is good for hard water areas.

Of all the above, the best shower head upgrade that is right for your bathroom and needs can be done right away.

Best Ice shaver machine 2020

There cannot be anything that is more heavenly than enjoying an icy treat in your hand on a hot summer day. Whether, it is a cocktail, slushy, or daiquiris you need to have shaved ice to make them cold enough for you to enjoy them. The ice shaver machine ensures that you get shaved ice of perfect quality so that your appetite for an icy treat is satiated perfectly.

Top 5 instant ice shaver machines in the market

The top 5 ice shaver machines that are perfect for creating icy treats include

Avalanche Electric ice shaver from Victorio VKP 1100

This ice shaver is also called time for treats electric ice shaver. It can be helpful in making perfect products including party drinks, snow cones, slushies etc. The ice shaver features a stainless steel blade that is both adjustable and replaceable. The machine is believed to cut the ice into grains that are larger than sand but finer than the pebbles. As a safety measure which adds up as child safety measures also, the motor actually does not get started unless the machine is closed with the lid. However, this poses a slight disadvantage in the form of difficulty in cleaning certain areas that are unreachable and you have really got to practice placing the lid in order to turn the machine on or off.

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Waring pro-SCM 100

This is a profession ice shaving machine that sports a smart design. The carnival friendly design, in fact, makes it ideal for display in front of the guests on special occasions and kids parties.  The machine can produce about 4-5 snowcones within a minute and comes with accessories that include reusable plastic cones and paper cones. The machine features a motor and blade and interlocks safety features. However, the make of the machine is entirely of plastic except for the blades. This can be considered as a disadvantage.

Hawaiin Shaved ice S900A

This is a machine that comes with the super convenience of producing light and fluffy snow from both round blocks of ice as well as ice cubes. It is sleek and elegantly designed and disassembles in seconds easing storage of the same. The machine features an adjustable blade that makes it possible to get the different texture of snow. However, the disadvantage is that it has to have a pause after running for 2 consecutive minutes.

Little snowie2  ice shaver

It is a premium ice shaver machine that features a high-speed motor that can produce ice of fine texture in less than 3 seconds. It is a perfect buy for all the reasons you might have in mind for buying an ice shaver machine.  It features a replaceable blade and has no loose pieces that you should take care of. They rank high in almost all aspects of the ice shavers in the market.

Nostalgia SCM02BUN

This snow cone maker features a vintage look with a closed lid operation safety measure.  It is simple to use and highly efficient. It features an awesome look that you cannot ignore barring the presence of the cord at the door of the machine which can make it get wet.

Choose one of the best ice shavers depending on your requirements to enjoy cool icy treats whenever you wish.

All you need to Know about Nail Guns

People working in the construction industry and renovation industry or DIY projects would have definitely heard and used a Nail gun. But others may not know the meaning and use of Nail Gun. Yet people falling under both categories must read this article.

In this article, we have shared the information on the working of best Nail gun, how to use it and also safety tips. Knowing this information will be beneficial to buy and use a nail gun in your next project.

Meaning of Nail Gun

Let’s start the article from basic by understanding the meaning of it.

A nail gun or nailer is a piece of tool that is used in a number of projects to drive nails into wood or some other kind of material. A nail gun is considered as a handy tool as it makes driving of nails easy. With the invention of Nail guns installing floor planks and building other furniture has been made simple. Using nail guns, cuts down the time and effort taken to install floor planks.

How does a Nail gun work?

Though some types of Nail gun look intimidating understanding its working makes it comfortable to use it. A majority of nail guns are either pneumatic or air compressed. Some air guns use combustion method to drive nails.

A pneumatic Nail gun makes use of an air compressor for driving the nails into any material. The air compressor is attached to the lower part of the tool with an air hose. The compressor by taking the air from the atmosphere builds pressure. This pressure is passed to the barrel of the gun and releases when the trigger is pulled firing a nail into the wood at high velocity.

The working of a Combustion Nail gun is similar to that of Pneumatic. The only difference is from where the pressures are created or build. In this type of nail gun, a combustion chamber is included and the flammable gas is ignited by a spark resulting in a controlled explosion that drives the nail into the wood.

How to use a Nail Gun?

The first step in using a nail gun is ensuring it is suitable for the job in hand. Once you pick a right kind of nail gun, load it with nails by following the instruction manual and also ensure it is cut off from electricity.

Next, buy the right type of nail clip that is suitable for the type you want to use. Then position the nails loaded in the magazine notch for lining them correctly. Hold the gun upside down and press the trigger or button.  If you have followed all steps correctly, then you must hear a click sound. This means the gun is loaded and ready for use.

Safety tip for using a Nail Gun

  1. Read the manual before using it
  2. Turn off the electricity while loading the nail gun
  3. Wear safety gear
  4. Practice before firing
  5. Turn off the nail gun when not in use

Bottom Line:

A nail gun is a useful device, but for proper usage understand the type of nails and their uses. Using nail gun is easy provided you read manual and follow safety tips mentioned in the article.

What are the best women’s hiking sandals?

The women who are looking for good quality hiking sandals can do online research to find out the variety of options available in the market. It is important that you try to find out good quality of sandals which will allow you to have a comfortable walk. All the ladies out there might be looking for both fashionable yet comfortable hiking sandals and here are the top sandals for you:

·         Teva Tirra

These best hiking sandals have open toe style and are fully supportive to your feet. The anti-microbial protection and shock absorption are commendable features of these sandals. These sandals come with moisture free lining and are good for both humid and desert areas. These sandals are a superb option for all the explorers out there.

·         Chaco Z/Cloud

These open-toe sandals come with lightweight comfortable footbed. The odor control feature of these sandals makes them a perfect choice for women. The weight of these shoes is only 1 lb and you will find good traction in these shoes. The heels of the shoes are quite long as compared to the normal sandals which are another benefit of it. It would help in maximizing your grip on rocks and wet areas both. Anyone who is sporty and wants to stay stylish should go for these sandals.

·         Keen Whisper

Anyone who is looking for the closed-toe sandals can go for Keen Whisper sandals. These come with single-pull lace which is quite easy to tie. The secure construction of these sandals allows you to have excellent toe protection and odor resistant. These sandals allow you to enter in river without any tension of getting the sandals wet. These sandals are dried easily and you can still move while those are wet. The toe guard of these sandals allows going on great adventures.

·         Ecco Yucatan

These open-toe sandals come with Nubuck leather and have 2lb weight. If you are looking for sandals with high flexibility and good traction, then these are a good option for you. These sandals are perfect for summer weather as you also get slippage protection. There are adjustable hooks provided so that you can make the sandals fit your feet properly.

·         Teva Hurricane XLT2

These open-toe sandals have to pull the strap mechanism to provide a snug fit. The excellent traction and stable construction of these sandals allow you to walk on the rocky hills without any difficulty. These sandals provide comfort to your whole feet. These sandals come with heel straps to avoid any blisters. It has quick drying straps due to which these sandals would work perfectly in water currents.

So, these are some of the top brands of hiking sandals chosen by women from all over the world. If you also want to get a good quality of sandals, then you can opt for one of these. You can go to your nearby store or trusted an online shop to purchase one of these amazing hiking sandals for you.

How do you keep a cat’s water fountain clean?

A cat water fountain is an essential thing to have for every cat owner who is looking to provide their cats the best health by providing them clean water to drink. However, if you have a cat water fountain at home, then you will agree with us that they are hard to maintain, and in case you fail to keep them clean, it may cause the cats to refuse drinking water from it. So, make sure that you keep the water fountain clean and well-maintained to keep your home clean and cats in a healthy state.

In case you have recently bought the cat water fountain, then it may the case that you don’t know the exact procedure of cleaning it, then this article will help you maintain the cat water fountain sparkling like a brand new one.

Maintaining the cat water fountain and keep it clean like new

In order to keep the fountain clean and well maintained, there are a few important things that you must keep in mind while cleaning it. For readers’ sake, we are listing these points that play an important role in cleaning the fountain like a pro.

  • Material

The first thing that you should keep in mind while cleaning the cat water fountain is the material of the fountain. The major materials that are used in the cat water fountain are plastic, ceramic and steel. Different materials need different care and cleaning procedure so make sure that you keep the material in mind while buying the cleaning aids.

  • Removable parts

Another important thing to consider while cleaning the cat water fountain is taking care of the removable parts of the cat fountain. Make sure that you remove all the movable and smaller parts of the fountain before cleaning the fountain. By doing so, you will be able to take good care of the fountain and improve the life of the cat fountain.

  • Regular cleaning schedule

Another important thing that you should be looking for is to follow a reliable and brilliant cleaning regime for the fountain. You can either look for the monthly cleaning or go with the fortnight cleaning. By doing so, you will be able to keep the fountain well maintained and in top working condition.

  • Cleaning aid

Lastly, make sure to go with the reliable cleaning aid. By choosing the highly reliable and easy to use cleaning aid for the cat fountain, you will be able to keep the fountain clean and well-maintained.

These were the four most important points that you should keep in mind to keep the cat water fountain in perfect working conditions and cleaned.


So, keep the above-listed points in mind and follow the regular cleaning regime to keep the fountain clean like a new one. By doing this you will be able to keep the water fountain clean and improve the overall life of the fountain to avoid the water clogging and other issues that are majorly experienced by the users.

Beginner’s Guide to Mountain Bike Training: A Brief Article

Mountain Biking is one of the most strenuous sports which is gaining its popularity recently. It is a perfect amalgamation of fitness and skill. The skill and fitness support to go faster, descend quicker, climb better, and clear every obstacle in its way, along with it add to the adrenaline rush and a sense of achievement.

Mountain Biking includes a great risk factor and thus it is being popular among the young bikers. The difficulty level of the sport hints towards a great training, especially for the beginners. Also, you should know how to choose the best mountain bikes when you are just starting, for example Schwinn Mountain Bikes are very popular among beginners.

The Perfect Body

Physical fitness is the last word for mountain biking. The perfect body for this sport consists of a strong core and legs. For core exercises, classic crunches are always useful, though one must follow the rule of going slow, especially for the beginners. Giving the abs a rest of 24 hours before the next session is as important as the session. For legs, step-ups, split squats, jumps, and reaches are best. As a mountain biker needs to paddle for a long time in rocky roads, the strength of thigh and cuff muscle matters the most.

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The Mental/Inner Strength

A true sportsman is one who can control his emotion, have a keen understanding of the situation and is fast enough to take the right call. Thus, only bodily strength falls short if the mind is not ready to take any challenge or can fathom the level of hurdle and make the right judgment.

Selection of the Right Bike

This is the most important aspect for the beginners of mountain biking. Choosing the right bike matters the most as one will train himself on it. The rider will have utmost dependency while going for the ride. An uncomfortable or complicated bike can do more damages than good training.

Proper Accessories

 A good sportsman always takes care of its safety. Mountain biking is one of the most excruciating sports which is prone to accidents and damages, especially for beginners. Headgears to the right shoes are all part of this conscious attempt to keep oneself safe from any physical damages. That is why, choosing the perfect mountain biking accessories from the right brand that suits one’s need is very important.

The world of sports is very enchanting, and sports such as mountain biking grabs the attention due to its risk factors and hardship. Thus it is essential to keep various factors related to the sport in mind before enrolling into mountain biking.

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