Is it bad to leave exhaust fan on?

Having an exhaust fan in the home is an advantage to maintain the normal temperature around the kitchen, bathroom, or sometimes the entire house. It improves the ventilation system in your home and let out the bad, and fresh air comes in.

The steam created by cooking and cloth dryers will create a comic effect on the weather within your home. This will create a problem on the wall and roof of your house. The only solution to this problem is an exhaust fan.

Read the following article to know more about the working, benefits, and drawback/issue of the exhaust fan.

Working process of the exhaust fan

Exhaust fan takes out odours, smog, and humidity from the area of the home, emitting them out is more important. The fan has a motor system to rotate the blades of the fan, which functions to pull the air out of the space. The smelly, humid and tainted air is sent out through exhaust fan and allow fresh air inside.

Exhaust fans need electricity to run, and it can be controlled by having a wall switch. In some of the exhaust fans, there are sensors to operate.

The Benefit of the exhaust fan

The benefits of the exhaust fan are as follows:

  1. Exhaust fans quickly cool down the area which is too hot by performing some activities like cooking, taking a bath in hot water, etc.
  2. Exhaust fan reduces the temperature without using any air accustom system.
  3. Exhaust removes the excess humidity that can create damage to the home.
  4. Exhaust fan improves the indoor air quality.
  5. An exhaust fan provides good ventilation.
  6. It vanishes the unwanted air and fills the fresh air.

Drawback/issues of the exhaust fan

The drawback/issues of the exhaust fans are as follows:

  1. If the exhaust fans are not installed properly, then the heat and wetness of that area may spread to the other areas of the home.
  2. If the exhaust fans are not cushioned correctly, the air pulled from that area can be lost within the house and it leads to moisture issues.
  3. If you find any noise from the exhaust fan, it might be the problem of the installation. However, in the updated models exhaust fans don’t make too much noise or sound, that’s why you can use them and feel good.
  4. If the fan doesn’t work properly, it might stop cooling, and heating ability will reduce frequently.
  5. Some experts say that the exhaust fan can depressurize your home. This causes an environmental problem, and this results in your home appliances like furniture and antic products also.
  6. Exhaust fans are not as effective as opening a window.


Leaving the exhaust fans on for a long time is not a good idea. It shouldn’t be on especially during the night; otherwise it might cause fine. You should run the fan for 20 minutes during and after use.

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