iOS 11 Could Come With A Sophisticated Sharing Feature

As soon as the year took a turn towards 2017, we all began anticipating some of the biggest launches the Smartphone industry has ever seen. But with the year already well underway, some of those devices have already been shown the light of the day by their creators. But we do have something huge to look forward to yet, perhaps what happens to be the biggest yet. We are talking about the iPhone 8 here- the upcoming flagship smartphone from Apple that celebrates its tenth year anniversary this year.

Right in line with the celebrations, we think that the new smartphone from Apple will be a truly remarkable device. And it would be wrong to think that that is just an assumption. Rumors have been flooding the tech world since even before the iPhone 7 made its debut last year, and the 2016 iPhone was a clear pointer to the fact that Apple was ready to bring in some radical changes to their flagship device to make it truly standout. But of course, the hardware alone does not make an iPhone- and that’s why we are paying just as much emphasis on Apple’s yearly platform upgrade for 2017, IOS 11, as the device itself.

iOS 11 Update

Apple iOS 11 is supposed to bring in a number of new improvements upon IOS 10. That itself is a remarkable thing, as Apple users around the world as well as critics are of the opinion that IOS 10 is one of the most incredible mobile operating systems that has been launched in recent years. It is anybody’s guess what new features iOS 11 will come with, but Apple has already made it very clear that the new iPhone will have user interaction as one of its core features. That means that we can expect iOS 11 to come packed with a number of aspects that focus on social media and a more user-friendly interface.

So besides the widely speculated Dark Mode and a majorly improved Siri, we expect iOS 11 to come with increased customization options and other media sharing related aspects. To speak of the latter, we already know that a FaceTime group calling feature is on the way, but the latest speculations seem to reveal that Apple might make the share sheet in iOS 11 a much more sophisticated deal.

To elaborate, one basic thing that the iPhone has been lacking up until now is a sophisticated way to share media. If you have to send a media file or a document to someone, then you would have to go through a number of unnecessary steps even if the person you are sharing it with is someone you do this on a frequent basis, instead of giving recommendations. But the newest video editing app from Apple, Clips, brings in a new share sheet design that experts feel would mark a huge improvement if brought into the iOS 11. Much like what you get in Chrome, the new design presents the user with several options when they click on the share button for any media file, including direct options for frequently contacted users and apps. This simplicity has long been absent from iPhones, and users hope that it will become an integral part of the iPhone 8 along with the iOS 11.

iOS 11 comes out sometime in September along with the release of the iPhone 8. However, we hope to get acquainted with it much ahead of its launch after the creators roll out the iOS 13 Beta version after announcing it in June.

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