How to use a donut pan

Worried about eating your favorite donuts fresh or not? Well, many stores just keep the donuts stored for weeks and they are often sold deep-fried which is unhealthy. But things can change if we start baking our donuts at home which will ensure the quality, hygiene, and freshness of food under your supervision, this works as a best option to maintain our health, especially when we don’t know the quality of food and how it is prepared outside. Either way, you still have an option to keep up with your health by home cooking. Since we know baking is a healthier option than eating deep-fried junk food and the solution to this is a donut pan to start baking your donuts at home as a healthier option for you and your loved ones.

How we use a donut pan

Traditionally donuts are deep-fried and have a lot of fat but as I keep a close watch on my weight I love everything baked and yes donuts too. All you need is a right donut pan. You can decide the size of the donut pan you buy at the stores whether you need to make a large batch or few minis for brunch.  The most commonly used pans come in 6-cavity non-stick donut pans or you can also try the medium-sized pan. If you wish to make mini donuts then pick 12-cavity non-stick pan for bite-size donuts which is great for kids. You also get 20-cavity non-stick pans and can be used if you are throwing a donut party. No matter what size you pick it is one of the simplest ways to bake donuts with the donut pan, all you got to do is lightly brush the non-stick pan with some oil or you can also spray the pan with some cooking oil before you pour in the batter. It’s a great way to cook not just healthy but also mess-free.  Pre-heat the oven for about 425°F before placing the donut pan in the oven. Then, using a spoon pour in the batter into the non-stick pans and place it in the oven. Wait about 10 minutes and then using a pair of oven gloves to get the pan out of the oven. You will get the best-baked donuts I promise. Flip the donut pan and you will see the donuts will slip right out from the pan. Now, all you got to do is enjoy that fluffy delicious donut with your family. It depends upon you whether you want to dunk the donuts in chocolate sauce, put in decorations, or just lightly dust some sugar on top of it.


We hope we have shown you a great way to enjoy your favorite donuts using a simple donut pan.

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