How to don on a Gatsby Headpiece to enhance the overall look

A Great Gatsby dress is not complete without a Gatsby Headpiece. This adds to the 1920s sensibility. Different Headpieces included are head wraps, headbands or barrettes. A Headpiece adds in a stunning look to your overall wear and beauty to your face.

Headbands have transited to several forms and shapes with some embellishments added in. A crocheted or beaded close-fitted skull cap or a band with a feather or two provides an authentic look of the 1920s. A headpiece is made of some craft supplies, a fitting band that is embellished with beads, feathers, jewels, sequins, and laces to make it look dramatic and fanciful.

You have your Gatsby-inspired Headpiece, but you need to make sure it is not overcrowding on your head or owning you. Rather it should accessorize and captivate the overall look. So to get that satisfying outcome, some tips have to be followed to get a glamorous look.

Here are some factors to be kept in mind when donning a headpiece:

  • To begin with, it is recommended not to pair the headpiece with a flapper dress with fringes and a drop waist. A headpiece is a statement piece.
  • Remember, a headpiece has to go well with the dress but not to get entangled in the hair or make you uncomfortable wearing it.
  • Do not redesign or go overboard with the overall look, to keep the headpiece to fit in the regular hairdo. Consider your headpieces as a piece of ordinary jewelry or a hair accessory. Keep your hair natural and be relaxed with it. Pushing bangs, rearranging the hair in excess should be avoided. Just add in on the top.
  • A headpiece is an added beauty element to enhance your style statement and beauty. The headpiece chosen should have embellishments that add to the look and not too excess and overflowing.
  • A low and a sweet barrette on either side of the hair can also be done if one is uncomfortable wearing a big headband.
  • A headpiece should not be covering your forehead and falling on your eyebrows or eyes, but lining it conveniently.
  • Do not focus on the age factor when wearing a headpiece, as confidence matters. Go for it and wear it for the pleasure of wearing it and live the moment.
  • To ensure a relaxed and calm look, the size of the headpiece selected should also be appropriately fitting. Get a proportion sense by trying a couple of times. Bigger hair needs a bigger headpiece.

Some recommended hairstyles for women that depict 1920’s are:

  • Finger waves- Hallmark style with curls.
  • Faux Bob- Long hair girls enjoy this hairstyle with a neat finger wave.

The 1920s were times of excitement in fashion. The designers of those times introduced new styles. Some dramatic accessories were added in, and Gatsby’s headpiece soon turned out to be a signature piece. It complemented bob and short hair that women were maintained in those times. It is great to don on a retro or a Gatsby-inspired event.

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