How to choose the right locking mailbox for home

Identity and mail thefts are on the increase, and this can be easily done if the mailboxes are not secured or left unlocked. So, for safety reasons, people today are investing in a secure locking mailbox. But before deciding to buy a good locking mailbox, one needs to know the types along with the factors that determine the choice.

In this article, we will first see the types of locking mailboxes, and then we will discuss the factors that need consideration before buying it.

Types of locking mailboxes

The locking mailbox comes in 2 types – wall mount locking mailbox and curbside mailbox. The wall mount mailbox is generally attached to the house or garage. On the other hand, a curbside mailbox generally posts near the curb. On a commercial scale, both of the types are used as a dropbox.

Factors for consideration to choose a locking mailbox

  1. Type of mail

First, one has to analyze the average type of mail that is received. For example, if an individual receives only magazines and envelopes, then there is no need for a large delivery door or a large hopper door. But if the sizes of the packages range from small to medium, then it is a good choice to buy a locking mailbox with a hopper door. For a clear picture, this type is much similar to the dropbox kept at a local post office. Here, after the door is opened to keep the mail, the back of the door shuts automatically. This is done so that no one can reach inside to take the mail. After the door is closed, the mail is dropped into a secure locking mail place.

  1. Quantity of Mail

The amount of mail a mailbox can hold is also important. There are a number of models that can hold months of mail. If the individual travels often, then locking mailbox with hopper door attached is a good model since it can hold up to 3 weeks of mail and comes with upgrade options for added security.

  1. Cost of the Mailbox

This is also an important criterion. An average residential locking mailbox can cost up to 185 dollars. These expenses can increase if the additional security features are added. For an investment that is intended to last a long number of years, a high-grade mailbox with a metal body is a good choice.


Always remember that a mail thief wants to escape quickly. He is a felony who will not waste his time trying to break a locking mailbox. Generally, a mailbox thief will likely open an unlocked mailbox, and when no one is there to see the theft, they will grab it and flee away. So when they see that it is a locking mailbox, they are more likely to move away from it. For securing the safety of the mail and to keep the identity safe, a good locking mailbox is a huge step in the right direction.

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