How to buy the best steam iron in 2020? Buying guide

One essential product for the home of all sizes and forms is steam iron. Ironing clothes and wearing is very old; it goes back to the days when grooming was first started. Looking pristine and professional is the need of the hour. The clothes we wear must suit the profession and look crease-free. A steam iron does the job of removing the toughest creases easily.

Read through the article to know more about best steam iron and how to purchase it?

Buying guide for steam iron:

As mentioned earlier steam iron is an essential device for a home. But at the same time, it is important to know how to buy one. As there are plenty of steam irons available in India, it becomes difficult to pick one. In this part of the article, we have shared basic features to look for when buying a steam iron.

Features to look for when buying the best steam iron are as follows:


The first feature to look for when buying a steam iron is the voltage. The steam iron with higher wattage power is always the best. This is because it allows the generation of steam instantly for quicker and better ironing of clothes.


The next feature to look for in a steam iron is its controls. Look for steam irons with different control options. These options allow for easy temperature setting as per the fabric needs. Also, they help in better navigating of steam for effective ironing of clothes.

Soleplate of the iron:

Third basic feature to look for in a steam iron is the soleplate of the steam iron. For better performance of the steam iron non-stick soleplate is necessary. Steam iron with stainless steel, anodized, aluminium and ceramic soleplate must be preferred.

Type of water tank:

The fourth feature to look for in a steam iron is a type of water tank. Removable and non-removable water tanks are two common types. In removable the filling of water is easy and safe. On the other hand, in non-removable water tanks when filling water, it can cause short-circuit. Also, when looking for the tank of the steam iron consider its capacity size.

Fabric suitability:

Steam irons come with various specifications in relation to fabric type. Best steam iron is one that has a different option to suit fabrics of all kinds. Ironing a delicate fabric is a tough job. Steam iron with this particular specification is required to get the job done.


The last feature to look for in a steam iron is the weight. Based on your need to use the iron, the weight of it must be decided. For the travelling purpose, a lightweight steam iron is an ideal choice. On the other hand, depending on the extent of use, pick the weight of the steam iron.

Bottom Line:

Steam iron is the most basic requirement of a person’s closet.  Best steam iron is one that includes above-mentioned features. The brands that offer best steam irons to purchase are prestige ease hold, Morphy Richards, and Rico.

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