Epson Supercolor 600 vs Epson Supercolor 800

Epson is a renowned printer manufacturer with millions of satisfied users all over the world. Over the last few years, Epson has been launching classic models of printers that are being popular. Among all those models, Epson Supercolor p600 and Epson Supercolor p800 got highly impressive ratings and reviews. A lot of customers are in doubt currently while choosing one option among these two. Here we are going to compare every specification of these two models to help you choose one.

Comparison between EpsonSupercolor p600 vs Epson Supercolor p800


  • In the case of ink usage, both printers have similarities. You have to purchase nine UltraChromepigment-based inks for both the models. As you know, UltraChrome inks are the best-quality inks available in the market. So, if you’re worried about the ink price, both the models require the same inks.
  • Both models offer touchscreen controls that are located on the printers.
  • You can customize the print size settings in both the printers. With this facility, you can change the print size. Both the printers offer this facility. So, whatever model you take between these, you’ll get this feature.
  • There’s another significant feature that both these models have. You’ll get inbuilt Black and White driver systems with both the models.
  • You can insert thick paper materials like canvas into both models. These machines have capacities to handle thick papers as well.


  • The p600 model offers you a printing platform of 13 inches. On the other hand, the platform size of the p800 model is around 17 inches. Bigger platform size means that you can insert bigger pages or sheets to take printouts.
  • Maximum sheet size limit for the p600 model is 13”× 19”. The p800 models can handle sheets up to 17”×25” size. Clearly, that’s an advantage for you. It’s not mandatory that you will always have medium-sized sheets to print. The maximum print length for a p600 model is 129 inches while it is 590 inches. Clearly, you can the difference inefficiencies.
  • Supercolor p600 includes 2 different rolling settings of 8 inches and 13 inches. But with a Supercolor p800 model, you can get 3 rolling settings of 8, 13,and 17 inches.
  • Inktank capacities are essential factors for all printers. Printer inks are not available in the market sometimes. If your printer has an ink tank with high ink containing capacity, you can fill that entirely. Then you won’t have to run out of ink anymore. A p800 model will beat a p600 model in this category also. The p800 printer models include ink tanks with a maximum containing capacity of 80 ml. But the ink tanks of p600 models have a maximum containing capacity of 25.9 ml.
  • You can get a Supercolor p600 model for 800 dollars. But if you go for a p800 model, you’ll have to pay 1250 dollars. Here you can clearly see a huge difference in the price ranges also.

The comparison clearly states that Epson Supercolor 800 is obviously a better model than Epson Supercolor 600. But the price is the factor, as the p800 will cost you a lot of extra money. If the hike in price range is considerable for you, definitely go for the p800 model to get the best benefits.

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