Is it bad to leave exhaust fan on?

Having an exhaust fan in the home is an advantage to maintain the normal temperature around the kitchen, bathroom, or sometimes the entire house. It improves the ventilation system in your home and let out the bad, and fresh air comes in.

The steam created by cooking and cloth dryers will create a comic effect on the weather within your home. This will create a problem on the wall and roof of your house. The only solution to this problem is an exhaust fan.

Read the following article to know more about the working, benefits, and drawback/issue of the exhaust fan.

Working process of the exhaust fan

Exhaust fan takes out odours, smog, and humidity from the area of the home, emitting them out is more important. The fan has a motor system to rotate the blades of the fan, which functions to pull the air out of the space. The smelly, humid and tainted air is sent out through exhaust fan and allow fresh air inside.

Exhaust fans need electricity to run, and it can be controlled by having a wall switch. In some of the exhaust fans, there are sensors to operate.

The Benefit of the exhaust fan

The benefits of the exhaust fan are as follows:

  1. Exhaust fans quickly cool down the area which is too hot by performing some activities like cooking, taking a bath in hot water, etc.
  2. Exhaust fan reduces the temperature without using any air accustom system.
  3. Exhaust removes the excess humidity that can create damage to the home.
  4. Exhaust fan improves the indoor air quality.
  5. An exhaust fan provides good ventilation.
  6. It vanishes the unwanted air and fills the fresh air.

Drawback/issues of the exhaust fan

The drawback/issues of the exhaust fans are as follows:

  1. If the exhaust fans are not installed properly, then the heat and wetness of that area may spread to the other areas of the home.
  2. If the exhaust fans are not cushioned correctly, the air pulled from that area can be lost within the house and it leads to moisture issues.
  3. If you find any noise from the exhaust fan, it might be the problem of the installation. However, in the updated models exhaust fans don’t make too much noise or sound, that’s why you can use them and feel good.
  4. If the fan doesn’t work properly, it might stop cooling, and heating ability will reduce frequently.
  5. Some experts say that the exhaust fan can depressurize your home. This causes an environmental problem, and this results in your home appliances like furniture and antic products also.
  6. Exhaust fans are not as effective as opening a window.


Leaving the exhaust fans on for a long time is not a good idea. It shouldn’t be on especially during the night; otherwise it might cause fine. You should run the fan for 20 minutes during and after use.

How to buy the best steam iron in 2020? Buying guide

One essential product for the home of all sizes and forms is steam iron. Ironing clothes and wearing is very old; it goes back to the days when grooming was first started. Looking pristine and professional is the need of the hour. The clothes we wear must suit the profession and look crease-free. A steam iron does the job of removing the toughest creases easily.

Read through the article to know more about best steam iron and how to purchase it?

Buying guide for steam iron:

As mentioned earlier steam iron is an essential device for a home. But at the same time, it is important to know how to buy one. As there are plenty of steam irons available in India, it becomes difficult to pick one. In this part of the article, we have shared basic features to look for when buying a steam iron.

Features to look for when buying the best steam iron are as follows:


The first feature to look for when buying a steam iron is the voltage. The steam iron with higher wattage power is always the best. This is because it allows the generation of steam instantly for quicker and better ironing of clothes.


The next feature to look for in a steam iron is its controls. Look for steam irons with different control options. These options allow for easy temperature setting as per the fabric needs. Also, they help in better navigating of steam for effective ironing of clothes.

Soleplate of the iron:

Third basic feature to look for in a steam iron is the soleplate of the steam iron. For better performance of the steam iron non-stick soleplate is necessary. Steam iron with stainless steel, anodized, aluminium and ceramic soleplate must be preferred.

Type of water tank:

The fourth feature to look for in a steam iron is a type of water tank. Removable and non-removable water tanks are two common types. In removable the filling of water is easy and safe. On the other hand, in non-removable water tanks when filling water, it can cause short-circuit. Also, when looking for the tank of the steam iron consider its capacity size.

Fabric suitability:

Steam irons come with various specifications in relation to fabric type. Best steam iron is one that has a different option to suit fabrics of all kinds. Ironing a delicate fabric is a tough job. Steam iron with this particular specification is required to get the job done.


The last feature to look for in a steam iron is the weight. Based on your need to use the iron, the weight of it must be decided. For the travelling purpose, a lightweight steam iron is an ideal choice. On the other hand, depending on the extent of use, pick the weight of the steam iron.

Bottom Line:

Steam iron is the most basic requirement of a person’s closet.  Best steam iron is one that includes above-mentioned features. The brands that offer best steam irons to purchase are prestige ease hold, Morphy Richards, and Rico.

What Are The Benefits of Compression Socks For Running

If you belong from a medical background, you might be aware of the compression therapy. If you are a layman to this field, don’t worry; we are going to look into this topic in detail. Compression therapy is practiced in physiotherapy, medicine, as well as orthopedics. One of the most popular ways to use the compression remedy is wearing compression socks. Whether you are a healthy person or a debilitated one, you can always go for these socks. Compression socks offer a wide variety of benefits to people in various ways. Let us look at some amazing benefits of wearing compression socks for running:

  1. Helps to maintain blood pressure

Runners suffering from various arterial and venous conditions like varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis feel gradual relief after wearing these socks. People who have undergone any major lower limb surgery due to trauma or other medical conditions are also benefited from compression socks. The compression socks help to maintain the regular blood flow in the lower limb. Therefore, it prevents the blood from pooling down and manifesting symptoms.

  1. Useful for athletes who were previously diabetic

Diabetic patients have a high sugar level in their tissues. It can potentially damage the tissue due to the loss of effective function. Patients of diabetes are prone to the risk of developing high sugar levels throughout life. Patients of prolonged diabetes mellitus also suffer from neuropathy that causes a loss of sensation in the leg and foot. It makes them more prone to cuts and injuries that go unnoticed. Wearing compression socks will avoid giving rise to any condition like this. Diabetic patients are also prone to ulcers. It is very essential to maintain hygiene and decrease exposure to foot to lower the risk of ulcers. Compression socks are best to prevent your feet from ubiquitous microbes.

  1. Helps to enhance athletic performance

It enhances athletic performance by increasing tissue oxygen perfusion. Runners are more prone to develop necrosis that can entirely block the oxygen supply to muscles. To maintain a good muscle power, it is necessary to maintain a steady supply of oxygen into muscles. The athletes can give their top performance when the muscle is completely sane. It indicates that the blood pressure, structural integrity, and oxygen levels are sufficient enough to give full stamina.

  1. Reduces muscle fatigue, tenderness, and twitch

Compression socks decrease the level of lactic acid accumulation in muscles. It usually occurs due to high strenuous work like excessive running or mental activity. Athletes and runners are more prone to end up being fatigue and soreness in the muscle. Compression socks fabrics are exclusively designed to apply gentle pressure in your leg. It causes even the flow of blood to every part of the leg. It ensures healthy blood supply and makes the person free from muscle pain, twitch, soreness, and swelling.

Compression socks are not only ideal for runners and athletic personalities. They can also serve to people who are involved in long hours of working such as traffic police, teachers, doctors, and laborers. If you don’t own a pair of compression socks yet, hurry up! You are missing something very amazing!

How to pick the best umbrella for your patio

A vital part of outdoor décor is patio umbrellas. They are available in the market in different shapes and sizes to suit your patio. As with any other product in the market, you need to know how to choose the best patio umbrella from a load of options that are present out there.

This article contains factors you should consider which can guide you to choose the best patio umbrella out there.

  • Size and shape

With a tape measure, find out how much space you require to shade. For a play area or lounge, make sure to select an umbrella which can cover a lot of space. An ideal patio umbrella should be 7-9 feet tall. For a cohesive look, make sure the shape of the umbrella matches the shape of the table.

  • Sturdy base

Make sure to buy a sturdy base along with a patio umbrella. This is necessary only for free standing patio umbrellas. For their table counterparts, there’s no need for extra support.

The minimum base weight is 50 pounds. If it is less than that, use them as table umbrellas.

  • Durability

Generally, cheap patio umbrellas are lightweight fabrics or plastic which are not waterproof. They also don’t hold up well in case of heavy rain. Just like the frame of the umbrella, the shade’s fabric should have good durability to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Materials like canvas and vinyl are a good choice. Polyester fabric is a more budget-friendly option.

  • Good frame

With unpredictable weather, having a patio umbrella with a strong frame is mandatory. So, select a good quality frame according to the climate. The aluminium frame is a good choice because it can endure storms and resist corrosion. A budget-friendly option is a steel frame. It has good endurance but might not look pretty like the aluminium frame.

  • Design

Some patio umbrellas come with a centre pole while others can be an offset or a cantilever type. Offset umbrellas can be used to make a canopy for special occasions for outdoor celebrations. Choose what type is the best fit for you from the available options.

  • Lighting

Sitting under a patio umbrella is not reserved as a day time activity. Some umbrellas come with lighting to accommodate dinner parties.

  • Maintenance

Even though patio umbrellas can endure outdoor conditions, they do get dirty from time to time. Look for a cleanable patio umbrella to make the cleaning process easy. Search for fabrics that are easy to wipe clean. They should also resist stains and moulds so that you don’t have to regularly clean them.

The bottom line

If you are a person who loves outdoor grilling, entertaining, or just chilling out in your backyard or patio, then having a patio umbrella can be a lifesaver. The sun is the only reason why many people hesitate to sit outside and enjoy with their friends. Having a good patio umbrella can give sufficient coverage if you select the right size.

So, look for the perfect patio umbrella which can give you memories to cherish.

Budget golf gadgets that can give promising results

Golf is considered to be one of the best gentlemen games and is very popular around the world. To date, many types of equipment needed to play the game and not everything available in the market is the best. One of the key equipment is the golf range finder. It is mostly used to estimate the distance and to know the accurate measurements. It is said that it can improve the game of the player and make the competition tough. So, you can get the best golf range finder here, and you can buy them according to the need and your condition of the game. A golf range finder is considered legal in man  y international games, and therefore, the demand for them is increasing daily. As many players stated that it had improved the game, it made them mandatory equipment in the kit.

Top features to be considered while buying a golf range finder

The following are the few preferences that need to be considered for the best golf range finder in the market.

  • Price: It will be one of the top priorities while buying them. The one which you like needs to meet the budget requirements.
  • Performance: It needs to perform the duty for which it is getting brought. If it doesn’t measure the distance properly and gives false results, it can cost the game to the player. Therefore, it is very important to give accurate measurements without any errors. Also, the golf range finder needs to have a good range to cover the high distance at least up to 5x magnification so that the players can find the hole and take the shot.
  • Features: It should have all the basic features that are needed for the players for the game.
  • Waterproof: For the winter golf or during the rain, it should withstand the weather conditions and help the player in the game.
  • Slope measurement capabilities: Some games are played in the uphill or downhill. Therefore, it needs to calculate the slope so that the player can take the shot. If it doesn’t give a proper reading, the player can’t take the shot.
  • Ease in using: Rangefinder shouldn’t be difficult for the user while using them. They need to be easy operations so that the player can’t find any extra stress in the game. All kinds of easy operations can make this equipment a best friend or help hand to the player in winning the game.
  • Battery life: The battery of the equipment should last for at least six months to a year. Some companies even provide free batteries for life when there is online registration. Good battery life to the equipment can help the player not to worry about the offing of the instrument during the play.

Always keep these things in mind while buying them so that you won’t make any mistakes in the game. This can help you win the games or can improve your game and make it to the top spot in your respective field of play.

How to use a donut pan

Worried about eating your favorite donuts fresh or not? Well, many stores just keep the donuts stored for weeks and they are often sold deep-fried which is unhealthy. But things can change if we start baking our donuts at home which will ensure the quality, hygiene, and freshness of food under your supervision, this works as a best option to maintain our health, especially when we don’t know the quality of food and how it is prepared outside. Either way, you still have an option to keep up with your health by home cooking. Since we know baking is a healthier option than eating deep-fried junk food and the solution to this is a donut pan to start baking your donuts at home as a healthier option for you and your loved ones.

How we use a donut pan

Traditionally donuts are deep-fried and have a lot of fat but as I keep a close watch on my weight I love everything baked and yes donuts too. All you need is a right donut pan. You can decide the size of the donut pan you buy at the stores whether you need to make a large batch or few minis for brunch.  The most commonly used pans come in 6-cavity non-stick donut pans or you can also try the medium-sized pan. If you wish to make mini donuts then pick 12-cavity non-stick pan for bite-size donuts which is great for kids. You also get 20-cavity non-stick pans and can be used if you are throwing a donut party. No matter what size you pick it is one of the simplest ways to bake donuts with the donut pan, all you got to do is lightly brush the non-stick pan with some oil or you can also spray the pan with some cooking oil before you pour in the batter. It’s a great way to cook not just healthy but also mess-free.  Pre-heat the oven for about 425°F before placing the donut pan in the oven. Then, using a spoon pour in the batter into the non-stick pans and place it in the oven. Wait about 10 minutes and then using a pair of oven gloves to get the pan out of the oven. You will get the best-baked donuts I promise. Flip the donut pan and you will see the donuts will slip right out from the pan. Now, all you got to do is enjoy that fluffy delicious donut with your family. It depends upon you whether you want to dunk the donuts in chocolate sauce, put in decorations, or just lightly dust some sugar on top of it.


We hope we have shown you a great way to enjoy your favorite donuts using a simple donut pan.

Wooden Pizza Peel Benefits and Limitations




In my opinion, if I have to choose a peel, then my first choice will be the wooden pizza peel. There are a lot of people with different choices but I like things that add value to my kitchen. The wooden pizza peel is traditionally used. Wood is always considered to nonreactive hence I feel buying a wooden peel comes in the beneficiary side. While researching I have found that most pizzerias and home chefs prefer wooden pizza peel. On further research, I did found out that aluminum can be better but can also hazardous. Aluminum is also a conductor of heat; it means while placing the pizza in the preheated oven there are chances of getting burnt; however, this can be avoided if wearing gloves in addition to it aluminum can also react with tomato juice as they are acidic. So, if you trust my opinion choose a wooden pizza peel. In our article, we can discuss the benefits and limitations of the wooden pizza peel.


Wooden Pizza Peel Benefits:

We all love decorating our house, having a neat and clean kitchen is always been my priority. The wooden pizza peel is rustic looking; this adds a lot of value to the kitchen when your family and friends show up.

Our love for pizza is not hidden; coming from the west we eat pizza almost month. But a home-baked pizza has a different charm than the soggy pizza we get from outlets, with the help of wooden pizza peel I can bake my pizza and gained lots of admiration by family and friends.

The wooden pizza paddle can absorb oil very well leaving the pizza grease-free.

Since wood is an insulator of heat, it will keep your hands from being burnt. However, I will recommend you wearing gloves. The long handles are easy to hold until providing you a better grip.

You don’t spend extra money on buying the pizza screen, as you directly lay your pizza on the paddle.


Wooden Pizza Peel Limitations:

Heaviness and thickness of wooden pizza peel can take a lot of your energy, especially when you are a professional oven man or oven women.

Wooden pizza peels can empty your pocket; yes, you heard me, they are expensive than metal peel yet long-lasting too.

The wooden pizza peel can be a pain; trying to keep them clean or removing the stain, they take time to air dry.

The wooden pizza peel needs lot maintenance. Wood can burn under high heat under the over, leaving burn marks on the peel.




A wooden pizza peel does have some problems however it’s still a great kitchen utensil to have in your house.

How to use chicken egg incubator

You may have seen that a hen lays butch of eggs, and it incubates them for hours. However, modern age farms use the incubator device to keep eggs warm to make it hatch. There are several commercial incubator devices available in the market. However, if you want to know how to use the chicken egg incubator correctly, this article will help you.

  1. Setting up incubator

Before setting up the eggs into the incubator, make sure that they are at normal temperature. With top-class incubators within three weeks, you can expect a chick is popping out.

  • Temperature

The exact temperature to be set is 99.5 degrees. If the temperature is one degree less or more, it causes egg condensation that results in the termination of the embryo.

  • Humidity

Mostly, the chicken egg incubators come handy with clear humidity instructions. Generally, for 18 days, the humidity rate should be 40 to 50 percentage. During three days before hatch, the humidity should be 65 to 75 percentage.

  • Ventilation

Ventilation is an important factor in incubators. Normally, the chicken eggshells are porous, allowing oxygen in and carbon dioxide out. Therefore, the incubator must have proper air circulation inside. So, check whether there is proper ventilation for the eggs while setting up the incubator.

Turning of eggs

During the incubation period, it is important to turn the eggs at least 2 times a day. However, do not touch or turn the eggs three days before hatching. If there is an automatic egg turner, then you may not have to turn the eggs. Moreover, if you need to touch the egg, ensure that your hands are clean and grease-free. During the first week, the eggs should be turned carefully. In the first week, the embryos will be delicate, so harsh movements may scatter the embryo.


It takes about 21 days for an egg to hatch starting from the incubation day. Before placing the eggs in the incubator, proper arrangements should be made. For 24 hours, run a test to check the temperature and the humidity. After 24 hours, if you sense that the humidity is low or less, make adjustments and make the environment incubation ready. During the incubation period, check whether everything is functioning properly till the egg hatches.


In the final days of incubation, you can see the egg shifting places due to an active fetus. It is breathtaking to watch a chick popping through the shell. When the eggs come fully out of the shell, wait until it is fully dry and shift it to the brooder.

These incubation processes mentioned above will help you know how a chicken egg incubator works. Therefore, purchase a good incubator to hatch chicks.

Uses and features of machete

In everyday life, a machete is a useful tool that is part of daily life. The versatility of machetes makes this tool even more useful as it can be used as a knife and an axe. The sleek blade is used to cut, and the upper blade is heavy and perfect for chopping items. If you are planning to purchase the best machete tool, then this article will help you. Here you can find different uses of machete and features you can consider before buying the best machete.

Outdoor uses of machete

  • Cutting trails

Machete is very useful to cut and maintain the trails. Many around the world use this tool to clear paths and to blaze new trails. Mostly, many fishermen have found that machete is very useful to clear paths for fish holes. The popularity of this great tool is increasing every day and making these tasks easier.

  • Chopping

The unique use of the machete is that they are used for clearing brush. However, along with that, you can chop compost with the help of a great machete tool.

  • Agricultural purposes

There are several types of machete blades available in the market. Mainly, a sickle style machete is used to harvest crops such as cane, rice, corn, millet, barley, and oats. Moreover, if you have a house garden, then the machete can be a great tool to remove or harvest crops.

  • Carving

If wood carving is one of your hobbies, then intricate carving or wood incising work can be done with it. Further, it can also be used to plant or chop the tree in your area.

  • Campsite, survival, and hunting

A machete is a great survival tool for outdoor enthusiasts. From cutting wood for the fire to protecting yourself in camp, everything is possible with a machete.

Features to consider


The blade type or shape is a significant feature when purchasing a machete. The popular machetes are Latin machete, bolo, cane, parang, billhooks, and kukri machete. Depending upon your outdoor adventure, you can select an appropriate machete.


The blade length of machete ranges from 10 to 28 inches. The small size machetes are portable but are not sturdy. However, a large size machete may be heavy but is used for versatile purposes and is also very durable.


Machete is available in two common materials that are carbon steel and stainless steel. Carbon steel is the most recommended material due to its quality and durability.


The machete handle determines the grip. Therefore, choose a machete with a grip handle that provides you great convenience to use.

By thinking about machete uses and features, you can choose the best machete.

Refrigerator Water Filters – Their Importance

What is a refrigerator water filter?

A refrigerator water filter is a device that is used to remove the contaminants and sediments present in the water that comes as the refrigerator’s water and ice dispenser. So, this filter is significant for those who prefer refrigerator water than normal water. You can identify this filter by its structure as a long, slender cartridge, and you can find it in the fridge base closer to the grille.

Does Refrigerator water filter work?

Yes, refrigerator water filters are best in eliminating the chemicals like chlorine, radon, organic chemicals like benzene, and other man-made chemicals. The best refrigerator water filter is designed with activated carbon inside that eliminates these chemicals by attracting all of them like a magnet. The water that goes through the filter is free from chemicals and contaminants, and you feel safer to drink the refrigerator’s water. But ensure that you regularly change the filter for the effective working of the filter. The refrigerator may lose its power of attracting chemicals when it is clogged with too many contaminant particles.

The importance of refrigerator water filters:

Removes Harmful Substances – When your kids drink the refrigerator’s water containing harmful substances in it, it will affect your kids’ health due to their fragile immune system. Thus refrigerator water filters are required to remove such harmful substances to provide clean and safe water for your kids and other uses. Normal water may contain chromium, fluoride, mercury, copper, arsenic, barium, nickel, selenium, and thallium, etc. All such harmful substances are eliminated easily with the help of this filter

Easy to use – These filters are simple in their design, and hence, they are easy and convenient to use. These filters are very easy to install in your refrigerator, and thus, you can get pure cold drinking water. When you consider pitchers, you need to refill it constantly for maintaining a water supply. This offers a kind of inconvenience job to you, but refrigerator filters are easy to use.

Water is free from bad odor – The best refrigerator filter provides the refrigerator water that is free from bad odor and taste. This filter completely prevents the bad odor or taste as it contains the activated charcoal in it. This activated charcoal ensures that the water is clean before it enters the in-door dispenser or ice maker.

Thus, it is essential to buy a refrigerator with a built-in filter, as it is easy to access such a filter for replacement and other needs. Never forgot to replace such filters for not spoiling the quality of water.

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