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Welcome to Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5
US$ 14.99
2 hrs 27 min with Tom Green
Rapidly Create Engaging Flash Experiences, Without Code!

Watch Lesson 13, 'Creating Hypertext in Scrolling Text'

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Course Description

Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 is a brand new tool in the Creative Suite, created to help designers rapidly create interactive experiences, in Flash, WITHOUT KNOWING ANY CODE. But, of course, Flash Catalyst is brand new -- many people don't even know what it is, much less how to use it.

In this course, across a series of two and a half hours and 21 lessons, Adobe Community Professional and Adobe Education Leader Tom Green walks students through the creation of an photo/video gallery, and in the process, Tom teaches all the key features and functions of Flash Catalyst -- how the interface works, how to import designs and media, and to round-trip your assets with your favorite design tools, creating symbols, timeline animation, and adding video playback and interactivity. Everything you need to dive in, get started, and learn to harness the amazing powers of this brand new tool.

With these skills, you will be creating engaging, powerful, interactive experiences from your designs in no time!

For more information on Adobe Flash Catalyst, and to download the 30-day trial version, visit

Who is this course for?
Any user of Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks or Flash that wants to learn how to convert their designs into functional, interactive experiences. This course is also useful for more advanced Flash Platform developers that want to enhance their skills and knowledge in the asset generation side of the production workflow..

Course Outline
You can enroll in the entire 21-lesson bundle by clicking 'Add to Cart', at the top of the page.
In addition, each lesson is available individually, for only $2.99 $1.99.