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Adobe Flex 3 Microarchitectures in PureMVC

2 hrs 25 min with Samuel Asher Rivello
Implement the Powerful Framework in Flex

Watch a Sample:
Template UML

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Course Description

Microarchitectures are groups of design patterns prepared to work together in concert. PureMVC represents a leading alternative to the well-known Cairngorm framework. PureMVC is a light framework for creating applications based on the class Model-View-Controller meta designpattern. It has a very narrow goal, to provide design patterns AND development patterns to help you separate your programming into three distinct areas; data, user interface, and the application logic. It is approachable and powerful with minimal tedium and repetition in development.

While the examples shown will be specific to Flex 3 for deployment to the browser, this session is equally relevant for application developers of other technologies including Adobe Flash CS3 and Adobe Flex 3 for Adobe AIR desktop deployment.

Who is this course for?
This course is for ActionScript programmers who use Adobe Flex to create applications for the internet, who want to learn how to utilize the PureMVC coding framework to improve and accelerate their development.

  • Introduction (19:12)
  • PureMVC Basics (20:22)
  • Welcome to the PureMVC Template (30:57)
  • Mediators, Proxy, UI (21:09)
  • Mediator UI (9:36)
  • UI To Server (10:57)
  • Template UML (10:18)
  • Adding a Clear Button to the Template UI (11:44)
  • Conclusion (18:23)