Best Shower Heads-Types and its functionality

If you are looking to update your shower head, it is essential to know the different types of Shower Heads that will suit your liking and needs along with your bathroom interiors and decor. Once you learn the different Shower Head types and their advantages and disadvantages, you can assess which is the Best Showerhead for your bathroom. The best part is the primary types of shower heads that we shall be discussing here are easy to upgrade in minimal time on your own.

Fixed or Wall Mount Shower Heads

A wall-mount or a fixed shower head is what is most generally used by most of the people in their homes. This is a small-sized with no-frills. Their diameters are 5″ or lesser. For general use and with no whistles and bells and for consistent solid pressure, this is the one to go for.

For a little fancier one, get a fixed shower head with multiple functions. This option permits you to alter spray settings from concentrated spray to wide spray that is a little gentle on the body.

Rain Shower Head -Waterfall and Rainfall showerheads

Rain Shower Head is a fixed kind of showerheads but quite large sized. They range from 6“ and over. This raises the area of coverage. This means that the water spray is wider and gives you a much warmer sense when in shower.

Ceiling or Wall mounting Rain shower head

Wall mounts are easy to install and quick to install but a ceiling mount will need help from a plumber. You may have to take the help of the contractor as well to run the required pipes through the ceiling to link up the shower. This is only when the work is not done.

But for those who cannot get the plumbing done, a solid solution is there. You can use an overhead shower arm which is extendable from the wall between 12-16 inches. You can even elevate the shower head’s height as well.

Single vs Multi-function

If the mount is from the ceiling then the single function is best as it becomes hard to alter the settings again and again. If the mount is a wall mount then multi-function or single function can be taken according to your choice. There are different sprays concentrated on gentle rainfall sprays.

Weaker Pressure with Larger diameter

2.5 GPM-Gallon per minute is the restriction of water output generally. For ecotypes, it can be low, up to 1.5 GPM. So smaller diameter can give you more pressure with the same water output as compared to a larger diameter one. Relax under larger water drops.

Hand Held Shower Heads

These are the most used and popular ones. They are easy to replace and have multi-functions.

Handheld Showerheads are best for:

  • Cleaning the shower
  • Washing kids
  • Bathing pets
  • Assisted showering
  • Showering while being seated

Dual Shower Heads

There is an additional feature that blends both standard fixed and handheld showerhead to provide a dual shower head.

Filtered Shower Heads

These filtered water and minimize chlorine, hardness and scaling in it. This is good for hard water areas.

Of all the above, the best shower head upgrade that is right for your bathroom and needs can be done right away.

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