Best Ice shaver machine 2020

There cannot be anything that is more heavenly than enjoying an icy treat in your hand on a hot summer day. Whether, it is a cocktail, slushy, or daiquiris you need to have shaved ice to make them cold enough for you to enjoy them. The ice shaver machine ensures that you get shaved ice of perfect quality so that your appetite for an icy treat is satiated perfectly.

Top 5 instant ice shaver machines in the market

The top 5 ice shaver machines that are perfect for creating icy treats include

Avalanche Electric ice shaver from Victorio VKP 1100

This ice shaver is also called time for treats electric ice shaver. It can be helpful in making perfect products including party drinks, snow cones, slushies etc. The ice shaver features a stainless steel blade that is both adjustable and replaceable. The machine is believed to cut the ice into grains that are larger than sand but finer than the pebbles. As a safety measure which adds up as child safety measures also, the motor actually does not get started unless the machine is closed with the lid. However, this poses a slight disadvantage in the form of difficulty in cleaning certain areas that are unreachable and you have really got to practice placing the lid in order to turn the machine on or off.

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Waring pro-SCM 100

This is a profession ice shaving machine that sports a smart design. The carnival friendly design, in fact, makes it ideal for display in front of the guests on special occasions and kids parties.  The machine can produce about 4-5 snowcones within a minute and comes with accessories that include reusable plastic cones and paper cones. The machine features a motor and blade and interlocks safety features. However, the make of the machine is entirely of plastic except for the blades. This can be considered as a disadvantage.

Hawaiin Shaved ice S900A

This is a machine that comes with the super convenience of producing light and fluffy snow from both round blocks of ice as well as ice cubes. It is sleek and elegantly designed and disassembles in seconds easing storage of the same. The machine features an adjustable blade that makes it possible to get the different texture of snow. However, the disadvantage is that it has to have a pause after running for 2 consecutive minutes.

Little snowie2  ice shaver

It is a premium ice shaver machine that features a high-speed motor that can produce ice of fine texture in less than 3 seconds. It is a perfect buy for all the reasons you might have in mind for buying an ice shaver machine.  It features a replaceable blade and has no loose pieces that you should take care of. They rank high in almost all aspects of the ice shavers in the market.

Nostalgia SCM02BUN

This snow cone maker features a vintage look with a closed lid operation safety measure.  It is simple to use and highly efficient. It features an awesome look that you cannot ignore barring the presence of the cord at the door of the machine which can make it get wet.

Choose one of the best ice shavers depending on your requirements to enjoy cool icy treats whenever you wish.

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