Baby Massage oil – How to Use, Benefits, and Tips

Your grandma might have probably suggested you use the baby massage oil on your baby’s delicate skin. We are sure you must have also seen numerous advertisements related to the baby massage oils. But, do you know the correct procedure of using the baby massage oils on your babies? Have you ever thought about how beneficial these massage oils can actually be? Well, we have some pieces of information for you related to the baby massage oils.

If you truly want to have a better knowledge of these massage oils, then why don’t you consider reading our article? We assure you will end up being satisfied. Let us talk ‘baby massage oils’!

What is the proper way of using baby massage oil?

It is essential to use the baby massage oil in a proper way because the skin of the babies are extremely soft and sensitive. Most parents give massage to their babies daily while others are doing it alternate days. You can choose whatever makes you and your baby feel more comfortable. Parents can massage their babies either in the day or at night time. We have mentioned the proper massaging techniques below.

  • The first step is to create a cozy atmosphere for the babies: Your baby will be more comfortable if you massage her/him in a quiet and warm place. We would suggest you place a towel on the back of your baby; this will help the baby maintain eye contact with you. Let your baby know that it is the time for a massage while you undress the baby.
  • Start slowly: For massaging the baby, you need to place the child on his/her back and then begin the massaging process by rubbing the body part slowly. Do not be too hard; start by giving a gentle touch. You will have to spend some time rubbing every single part of your baby. Start with the head, and then gradually move towards the feet. You can also place the baby on his/her back for a little massage, although most babies do not like staying on the stomach for too long. Make sure you do not overdo it.
  • Repeat the message: If you think your child and you both are enjoying the massage, then it is advised to do the entire process again. Start from the head and move towards the feet of your loving child.
  • Keep talking: No matter what, always keep communicating with your child while doing the massage. This will distract his/her mind and will make him feel comfortable.

Benefits of using massage oil: There are numerous benefits of using the baby massage oil on the babies. A few of them are:

  1. Physical benefits:
  • The increase in oxytocin.
  • Improvement of blood circulation.
  • Improved breathing, development of strong bones, and muscular relaxation.
  • Improvement of the sleep cycle.
  1. Psychological benefits:
  • The child feels loved and comforted.
  • It makes the child more alert and active.
  • The use of massage oil makes the child feel less cranky and cry less.

That’s pretty much all about the baby massage oils!

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