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Advanced Placement (AP) is a program in the United States, and Canada, recognized by the college board and allows the students to take up courses at the high school level. Are you looking for a way to be a step ahead in the competition in colleges, universities, and workplaces? You can accomplish your goals with the help of AP classes. When you take up AP courses, you get the AP Books that are designed to give an added advantage. If you are a student with prodigy, the best AP books enhance their capacity to solve the college tackle the college-level task, while they are still in high-school. This gives a chance to the students to earn college credit for the class, on passing the AP exams and placement. AP Book is written for various subjects right from K-12/College level to professional courses. The students get in-depth information on each subject to students who want more than what they are studying in schools or colleges.

What are the subjects available in AP Book?

The AP books are available in various subjects. The student can choose any subject of their choice.

Pros and Cons of AP

Passing the AP test is very much rewarding. However, on the other side of the token, not all of them get through these exams. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of AP classes.

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  • Boosts your college applications – AP Classes is one of the greatest ways to challenge yourself in the academic front and create a good impression at your college about your education. AP classes give more weight to your credentials on scoring 80-90% in advanced courses.
  • Helps you to earn college credit – A college credit enables you to complete your graduation within a short time and saves your money. The AP classes can still help from a career perspective even if you don’t earn credit for your AP scores.
  • Scope for scholarships and grants – The impressive test scores, top rankings, and high grades in AP classes can fetch you more opportunities, grants, and scholarships at high schools, during the junior year.


  • High costs and increase in stress – Though the study materials in AP class is free, it involves money when you have to give evidence of their understanding. You have to make the payment of $94 as exam fees for AP classes in the USA and $124 other than the USA and Canada. When you take up multiple AP classes, it adds up to your cost and stress of clearing these tests.
  • Challenging course – When the teens decide to pursue the AP classes, they need to complete the task within the deadline, which is more intense. The teenagers would need some help to fix the schedule to balance studies, work, and other activities. Not everyone can get through the AP test, which can stretch their course.

The AP classes in certain subjects are easy and some of them are tough. When you take up a tough subject like calculus, prior knowledge will help.


AP Courses can guide you to a rewarding and lucrative career. The AP exams can be easy or tough, depending on what you take and how much effort you put to clear the exams.

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