All you need to Know about Nail Guns

People working in the construction industry and renovation industry or DIY projects would have definitely heard and used a Nail gun. But others may not know the meaning and use of Nail Gun. Yet people falling under both categories must read this article.

In this article, we have shared the information on the working of best Nail gun, how to use it and also safety tips. Knowing this information will be beneficial to buy and use a nail gun in your next project.

Meaning of Nail Gun

Let’s start the article from basic by understanding the meaning of it.

A nail gun or nailer is a piece of tool that is used in a number of projects to drive nails into wood or some other kind of material. A nail gun is considered as a handy tool as it makes driving of nails easy. With the invention of Nail guns installing floor planks and building other furniture has been made simple. Using nail guns, cuts down the time and effort taken to install floor planks.

How does a Nail gun work?

Though some types of Nail gun look intimidating understanding its working makes it comfortable to use it. A majority of nail guns are either pneumatic or air compressed. Some air guns use combustion method to drive nails.

A pneumatic Nail gun makes use of an air compressor for driving the nails into any material. The air compressor is attached to the lower part of the tool with an air hose. The compressor by taking the air from the atmosphere builds pressure. This pressure is passed to the barrel of the gun and releases when the trigger is pulled firing a nail into the wood at high velocity.

The working of a Combustion Nail gun is similar to that of Pneumatic. The only difference is from where the pressures are created or build. In this type of nail gun, a combustion chamber is included and the flammable gas is ignited by a spark resulting in a controlled explosion that drives the nail into the wood.

How to use a Nail Gun?

The first step in using a nail gun is ensuring it is suitable for the job in hand. Once you pick a right kind of nail gun, load it with nails by following the instruction manual and also ensure it is cut off from electricity.

Next, buy the right type of nail clip that is suitable for the type you want to use. Then position the nails loaded in the magazine notch for lining them correctly. Hold the gun upside down and press the trigger or button.  If you have followed all steps correctly, then you must hear a click sound. This means the gun is loaded and ready for use.

Safety tip for using a Nail Gun

  1. Read the manual before using it
  2. Turn off the electricity while loading the nail gun
  3. Wear safety gear
  4. Practice before firing
  5. Turn off the nail gun when not in use

Bottom Line:

A nail gun is a useful device, but for proper usage understand the type of nails and their uses. Using nail gun is easy provided you read manual and follow safety tips mentioned in the article.

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