5 Extraordinary Uses of Baby Wipes You want to know

Baby wipes are one of the useful things needed for new mothers. It is mostly used when changing the diapers of babies. Baby wipes are not only used for changing diapers but also for useful things. Here we will discuss the extraordinary uses of baby wipes.

Remove Eye Makeup:

When you go out for some party at night, you will probably put some eye makeup. To remove your eye makeup after a night out baby wipes will help you the most. Some people have sensitive skin which is difficult to handle while removing the makeup. But with baby wipes, you can add a few drops of coconut oil into it, and you can wipe it off easily. Thus, you can remove the eye makeup as well as nourish the skin.

Erase Hair Dye Mishaps:

Some people dye their hair or someone’s hair in such a situation to clean the accidental apply or splatters of dye on your forehead or neck baby wipes help you the best. To avoid such smears or self-tanner accidents, you can use baby wipes to clean them easily.

Freshen Up:

When you go out for a party or shopping, your make up might get dull and sweating after some time. When you are feeling hot and sweaty, you can use chilled wipes. To use cool wipes, keep the baby wipes in your fridge during the summer to make it cool off soon.

DIY Hemorrhoid Wipes:

As hemorrhoid wipes are much costly, you can prepare home-made hemorrhoid wipes using normal baby wipes. To prepare it, choose the baby wipes that contain aloe vera and then pour about ½ cup of witch hazel into wipes. Now when the aloe vera mixes with the witch hazel, it will have a great property of soothing. So, you can prepare at home easily and use to treat Hemorrhoid condition.

On-The-Go Stain Remover:

To remove the spills of the pen, you will buy a special stain remover pen which is costly. So, here comes the baby wipes handy and they are much effective at reacting against the spills and other stains on your clothes.

Thus, the above-mentioned uses of baby wipes are just a few, but wipes are also used to clean the bird poops of your car, clean up your pets, clean your leather shoe, stick your envelope cards, clean a chalkboard, etc. In addition to its uses related to babies, one can also use them for various other useful reasons.

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